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OKay have a question

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Okay Tavia loves toys but if I get her toys then my dog steals them and tears them up and I don't know what to do. I do have two of the wand toys but I want her to be able to play with toys without me when she wants. She does find things to play with but its just not the same I don't think. I don't know how to get Lilly to leave them alone she has alot of toys she actually gets a new toy every payday. I can't open a bag otherwise because she is sitting whining for her toy or her goodie.
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get your dog better toys or maybe your dog is a cat trapped in a dog's body.
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Colin and I have tough Fosters (our dog) not to pick things up that are in the floor unless we give him a command. We did this by sitting a piece of food or a treat in the floor and making him stay in the "Sit /Stay" hold for a few moments. Every time we'd say "Wait"...and make him wait a few minutes.../ Then when he had waited a bit, we'd say "Ok" ...and that was his cue that he could get what's on the floor. It took about 5-6 hours to train him to do this, and we reinforce this every day / This helps out soooo much when there is both kitten food and cat food in the same room- it keeps him from eating things that are not his. I would suggest trying those new commands with your dog and see if with a little patience, you can train him not to pick things up without the commands. Sounds crazy, but it works like a charm

(omg!! matthew mcconague(sp?) is on one of the sex & the city reruns right now!!!! ) Sorry, i got excited lol...
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ooh Matthew Machanohey (sp?) is hot!!!
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Originally Posted by Miagi's_Mommy View Post
ooh Matthew Machanohey (sp?) is hot!!!
If you all LOVE him, get or go see the movie "We Are Marshall" It is about a town called Huntington, in West Virginia---not far from me It's a sad story,but in the end,it's a good one.It's about how our Team of football players were on an Airplane that crashed, and life after it for the families.

As for Tavia, I would give her special toys that she can keep in your room or somewhere where Lily can't get to them.Maybe get Lily a kong toy that you can fill with special treats every day to keep her entertained.
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Dogs do love the Kong toy...I used to have a lab that would chew it for hours trying to get the treats out..he wouldn't pay much attention to anything else.
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How about a few cheap wind up toys? Until I over wound it, Abby loved to play with a cheap plastic caterpillar. The whole thing was like 1 inch tall and about 6 inches long. When it was wound it would walk across the floor until it unwound and then I'd have to wind it again. She loved the sound of it and the fact that she could stalk it.
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