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Bob-tailed kitty

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Hello everyone! As a new member I wanted to stop in and introduce myself. I'm Blake and I have a Bob-tailed cat. I do however have a question if anyone can answer it for me. I have a Bob-tailed cat and he is about 4 months old and he will not use his litter box. I have tried every type of litter that's on the market and I have tried ceder shaving's as I was advised and nothing worked. Any tips?
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Blake I moved your question to the appropriate section, I hope you don't mind. We try and keep most of the subject matter together. There has been quite a few discussions about litter problems. Instead of re typing it all, I am going to post a link to the thread about litter box problems. If you have any more questions about the issue or the thread I am adding, please ask!!

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I am replying under the assumption that any medical problems have been eliminated and he has a clean bill of health. Now try putting some of his poop into the litterbox and show it to him - do not force him. Before that however clean very place you know off that his has pooped/peed on with an enzyme cleaner such as Pheramone Magic, there are others, that is specially made to eliminate cat oders and will prevent revisiting. Cats usually associate the place they have pooped/peed at with a place to return to when they need to do there business. By eleinating any other odor sites except for the poop you put in the litter box he should get the hint very quickly. Good luck and don't give up he will worth your patience.
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