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Cats and flying????

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I would like to get some feed back from others before I even entertain the idea of flying Maia on a plane? She is very well temperment, travels like its fun in cars, I know this is different...............any experienced advice?
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No experience, but I can tell you that Anya is flying with hubby and I at Christmas. Don't know when your trip is planned for, but I'm sure I'll have TONS of dos and don'ts after the New Year.

I plan on talking to my vet this week about giving her a mild sedative (something similar to Benedryll) before the trips so that she can sleep and relax on the plane.
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I wish I could help you out on that note, but I have no experience on that topic. I did however look up a few links for you...maybe they will have some good advice

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Wish i could answer you. But when Itta came here with her cats. She hired a pet travel agent., Who did all the international paper work, and went along with the 2 cats .

the cat that i had back in my flying school days, i would take to airport with me, and she would sleep in the sunlight, and look out the window,
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Hi well heres some previous links about this subject, so lots of ideas from owners with experience - excellent advice about sedatives



Hope these help and good luck for the flight
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