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Just found your site and thought I would register. I will be getting a Russian Blue kitten in three weeks and thought I should start investigating the web for the best cat sites.

I grew up in a family with a very vocally talented Siamese cat that passed away at the ripe old age of 23! Now I will finally have a furbaby of my own. Once I get the kitten home, I'll probably be asking a million and one questions! Just a warning!

Hope to meet many of you over the next few months!
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Hi Russian!

You can stop your search. You have found THE best cat site on the net. Our members have a wealth of knowledge on every cat-related topic, and you get the added bonus of chatting with a bunch of great people on any topic.

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I'm really happy for you! You must be so excited to finally get your own kitten. I hope your kitten lives every bit as long as your family's cat did. Welcome to the Cat Site. We'll be more than happy to share your kitten with you. Let us know when you get your baby! And take pictures!
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I've also just joined the page, and also just about to get a Russian Blue kitten (in 5 weeks, although we are visiting him next weekend - I can't wait!)
I look forward to hearing about how your little one settles in.

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Be sure to send pictures once your baby arrives!!!

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Welcome! And yes.....we LOVE pictures!
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WELCOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there I just joined up and I am getting a Russian Blue baby in about 5 weeks (same as manomi) I am so excited and can't wait I have been looking forward to this for so long and now it's finally happening. I will attempt to post a picture with this message and also introduce myself and my furbabies on a new post.

Nice to meet you and welcome also
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Hi Bundylee. Welcome to the site. Hope to see you posting often. We are a great source of all kinds of useful cat info and also just good relaxation time with cyber friends.
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Hi Deb25 Nice to meet you. I can see this is a great forum.
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Bundylee congrats on the upcoming furbaby! I am also very excited since this will be the first cat in my home. 13 day to go.......

Now I just have to figure out a name for the little one
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Congratulations to the new mums to be Russian Blue, Naomi and Bundylee!

I'm a Russian Blue fan too and have a one and a half year old Russian called Phoebe. I adopted her a few months ago after our last Russian, Tatiana passed away whilst we were in Hawaii getting married. We were very lucky to find Phoebe - she's a real sweetheart as all Russians are.

Welcome to the site and I'll be waiting to see pics of the new babies as they arrive! :tounge2:


PS I'm in NSW, what states are you guys from Naomi and Bundylee?
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Hi Lisa, Thank you. Sorry about your loss Tatiana. Phoebe sound beautiful, I'd love to see some pics as well.

I am in Canberra. I look forward to talking to you.

My little girl. She is around 5 weeks old. I can't wait to meet her for the first time.
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Sorry attachment did't work. Try again
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And another pic.
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AHHHH...... what a beautiful kitten!!!

(reminds me of my Cooper when she was younger!)

Thank you for sharing!
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What a cutie.
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Thanks Guy's *blushes with pride*
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Gee, that little kitten sooooooo sweet - I've got a tear in my eye as I look at that gorgeous little Russian Blue face :tounge2: I miss my Tatiana soooooo much and every time I see a photo of a baby Russian memories come flooding back of her kittenhood and the tremendous bond we shared.

You are so lucky! Thank you so much for sharing the photos they absolutely melted my heart!


PS I'm on the north coast of NSW
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[quote]Originally posted by Russian Blue
[b]Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Congrats on your upcoming furbaby too! We can share their growing up LOL. I am glad you are very excited. I think you will be getting your little treasure before me :-( for me but :-) for you

Some names I like are


Good luck and let me know when she arrives.
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Oh I agree! They're all great names but I especially like Tatyana (how could I not!), Anastasia , Natasha and Katerina. Can't wait to hear the names you new mums choose for your little babies!

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How cute....ohhh....you are making it very difficult for me to wait *patiently* for my own little one.

Ok...I think I can make it now that I have a new kitten pic to drool over....

Unfortunately my breeder does not have a digital camera so I just have to wait for the real thing!

I agree, we can have our little ones grow up together.....like half sisters across the ocean :LOL:
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Glad the kitten pic helped :-) Have you been to see your kitten and how did you pic it out of the bunch. Did she come to you, what made you pick her? I haven't seen mine yet just the photos. Would love to hold her, feel her soft fur against my face etc.
I like the idea of them being half sisters :-)
I think Tatyana is the name that suits her and seems to be the one everyone ese is going for too. Now I just need to come up with a name to register under and I'll be all set woo hoo!!!

I will post some pictures of my other furbabies soon so you can get to meet them all.

Amy, my beautiful stray that has come into my life, She is due any day now, her belly is so tight and the kittens are kicking around. she'll be off to get spayed as soon as the kittens are old enough.

I'm going to have a mad house and am worried about bringing Tatyana into it. With 3 other cat's and a bunch of kittens. She might be okay I don't know. If anyone has had experiance with this please let me know.

Talk to you soon
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Thanks Lisa I am glad you like her.

* PS I'm on the north coast of NSW [/b][/quote]*

You are not so far away so who knows we might meet up at a cat show in the future :-)

If you are ever in Canberra you can come visit Tatyana (No.2) and me and the gang.
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Unfortunately I was unable to pick my kitten due to distance between the breeder and myself. Also, her kittens are usually sold out before being born! Where I'm located there are only 2 reputable breeders (that I know of) in the province of Ontario. So the only thing I could choose was the sex that I wanted.

I think once I get this one home I will want another. If that happens I'll probably eventually go to the local shelter and see which one wants to choose me!

I spoke to my breeder today and unfortunately I have to wait an additional week before I bring the kitten home (Sept. 28). We are currently renovating a century old schoolhouse and the contractors will just be starting the weekend I was suppose to pick up my kitten.

I'm really anxious to bring her home...but I have to be realistic. With all the renovations I don't want her to end up being plastered behind some wall!

Also gives me some time to pick a name...what a decision!
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I found this picture on a great website and thought you would like it.
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Thank yo uwhat a fantastic site. I couldn't get the sound to work though so will go back and try again. Isn't she the most beautiful thing. So affectionate. I can't wait any longer UUUURRGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
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Ok, since I can't share digital pics like Bundylee I thought I could share the email that I just received from my breeder. She just took the kitten in for her last set of shots. Here's what she wrote:

Yes she had her shot and health checkup yesterday and everything is A OK!!! She was a perfect little lady :-) !!
She is becoming quite a back and shoulder rider. She hops up on my back or shoulder whenever she gets a chance and then rides around as I do things. I am going to find it very hard to let her go as she is very affectionate, a character and a love.

Ohhhhhh.....I want to see her!! It's a 4 hour drive so we can't really just hop in the car. Plus were trying to make our renovations as "kitten" proof as we can in the time remaining.

The excitement is so hard to contain!!!!

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Thanks for the site!

That was one of the first sites I found when I was looking for information on the Russian Blue breed!

The sound just makes your heart melt! Bundylee you have to listen to it!
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