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Moving with ferals...

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Well the time has come and Hubby and I will be moving in the spring. We have a small group of 3 girl kitties that we have TNR and have really warmed up to. I don't want to leave them behind. I know that the neighbors won't care for them the way we have. I have also grown very attached to them. Have any of you had to move while caring for ferals? Have you taken them with you? How is the best way to make sure it is done with as little trama as possible. I am affraid they will run off as soon as we move them. I need help guys...
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Many have moved with ferals. Here's a recent post by someone wanting to take their feral boy with them. The thread is very instructive and hopefully will help you decide what to do and how to do it. And if you have any other quesitons, ask away!

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I moved with my ferals. One is particular I have been caring for approx a year before her first move. She adjusted great. In fact, I have moved her twice. The first place I moved her, after a week or so I let her outside and she ran with my other cats who she knew. She finally adjusted to coming in and out of the house just like the other semi-ferals I have.

We recently moved again to a permanent residence that we purchased. She is still feral but doing better. It has been close to three years now that I have been caring for her. I have found that since she is close to all my other cats that she adjusts fine. She is not allowed to roam free anymore as we now have an enclosure with a cat door attached to the house. She prefers the house even though she spend lots of time outdoors. We are in the process of increasing the size of her enclosure so she will have more room.

But moving ferals is not impossibe. Just have faith.. The car ride was more trumatic for her than the actual move...


p.s. I would also like to add her name is Star and I can now [without making eye contact of course] pet her and lay my face on her back nuzzing her. She actually purrs now when I do this. Getting a purr from Star is always a tremendous feeling!!! I know she loves me as she constantly meows and talks to me but she has never gotten used to my hands.
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