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Tea Tree Oil Question

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Hello everyone!!!

I have a question or a few........
My dog had demodex and is being treated with benzoyl peroxide baths with tea tree oil rinses here at home. I know that to ingest the tea tree oil is very dangerous to any animal or person. So after I bathe the dog I wash the tub out very well. What my concern is with is when the dog is wet and dripping on the floor should I be scrubbing the floor as well?? And what about the odor?? Is that dangerous to my cats?

Its a very small amount of tea tree oil......about 20 drops added to 6 quarts of water and then that is rinsed over the dog again and again..........
Anyhow I make sure our dog is totally dry before I let her out in the rest of the house and with our other dog, but I still have some concerns about the cats.

Any information would be great......Ive tried researching it online and I know its terrible if its licked by them so thats why I cleaned really well afterwards but Dixie is going to need these bathes every other day for a few weeks if not longer and I just want to cover the safety of my cats.

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Tea tree IS POSIONOUS to Cats ... Please call your vet for how to ensure it is clean enough for them
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Hello I realize its posionous to cats hence why I asked the original question.
Thanks for your help.
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Ok I called the vet and she has no CLUE what to tell me except that the peroxide benzyole shampoo Im using has stripped the Revolution out of my dog..........but that she has no clue if its dangerous to the cats/dogs........
So much for vets knowing their stuff..............

Anyhow IM just going to wait and see what else I can find. The dogs already been bathed once so there is not much I can do about that at this point.
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