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Post office blues

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This morning, I went to the post office to pick up airmail stamps. When I got there (at 8:25) there were 6 people in line ahead of me and only one person working behind the counter . When the next customer remarked on the wait to be helped, the woman behind the counter replied "It's been determined that we make more money from the work in the back than the work in the front, so we put most of our workers in the back". After a few seconds, the customer said "So I guess my shipping is free? After all, you just said the post office isn't making money off of me." The worker had no idea how to respond.

No wonder the post office is pushing their online package pickup. I'd hate to see how bad it's going to be when it gets even closer to Christmas.
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We just got a brand new post office and it is great right now, No wait at all that is untill everyone finds it
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I always feel "postal" when I go to the PO and see long lines with minimal people working.
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Oh no! I just started packing up some things to ship within the next few days. I am not looking forward to going in there. Maybe I should ship my SS package sooner, rather than later.

That was just an idiotic comment by the woman behind the counter.
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Uhhh i definitely hate going to post offices for anything. Memphis post offices are overcrowded and slow as a turtle walking backwards.
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I hate going to the post office too, but the 2 times I had to go there for my SS, they have had 4 people working the lines - I only had to wait about 10 minutes to get helped, thats how busy they were! But it does help to have 4 people waiting on customers!!
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The post office that is across from my owkr is hardly ever crowded. I love going in there .they are nice and always let me pick the prettiest stamps!
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the PO by my work is's always so hot in there you feel like your skin is melting off....and there is always at least 12-15 ppl in front of you, and 1-2 ppl working....who are like elderly and slow as molasses....and 1 person is always on break!
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I pick a mid week mid morning time to go to the postal outlet that is by the mall and its never really busy. It sucks though if you have to make a left turn out of the parking lot though due to being on a buy street.
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Luckily the closest PO is in a small town with minimal wait. Unfortunately, they are also working on the highway it sits on and is hard to get to at times.
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I try to go to the post office here that is just stuck in a variety store because there is never anyone there. Even the actual post office in the city here isn't ever that busy. At least no time I have ever been there.
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I loathe and abhor going into a post office at this time of year. I will definitely be using Ship-in-a-click (the online service), so it's a simple drop off.
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I almost went postal when it cost almost the same as I spent on the present to send it. And I fogot to put one little thing in it. Cripes, I'll mail it next year!
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