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Windyyyyyyyy & Cold

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Oh my gosh it's so cold here like down to 34 , and the winds are up around 25 to 30 MPH with gusts at sometimes 50...It's wipping here. What's it like where everyone else is
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it looks like poo's a little chilly, but no snow or anything like that.
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Today is a beautiful day here, sunny and 66 degrees....but, this is supposed to be the last one. Cloudy and cold tomorrow, freezing by friday.
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Today... its 29* right now with a chance of SNOW!! Tomorrow's high is 20*!
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Its getting really cold here today too. Its very drizzly too.
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This am (around 6:15) it was 55F by time I took my walk and hour later it dropped to 48. The 1st half of my walk is west so I was walking into the wind for 1.4 miles. The way back was good though!! Then it dropped to 43 but now has gone back to 45F. We have 90% chance of sleet and snow tonite with a high tomorrow of 29F. The warm weather is gone for the year!!
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Its about 65* here and rainy! Yuck!
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Its raining and only 26 degrees. Yikes! Im stuck at the library with Kaidence until it slows down the raining some.
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31 here and going to get colder tonight big diff since yesterday was about 70 so droped down alot. Not ready for winter just yet
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todays high will be about 14 and it is supposed to be windy...
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
Oh my gosh it's so cold here like down to 34 , and the winds are up around 25 to 30 MPH with gusts at sometimes 50...It's wipping here. What's it like where everyone else is
It is COOOOOOOOOLD here today. It is thundering, but also starting to ice.
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72 degrees but this is the last day. Tomorrow it's downhill and the high on Friday may not make it much above freezing. Still no certainty as how much sleet or snow we will get.
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It's 14 here, which is about 57F. I went out to check the mail around 11am in capris and it wasn't even cold, just raining a bit.
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It's about 28 degrees here now and the pouring rain turned to ice and sleet about 1PM. I left work at 3 and got home by 4:30 (usually a 30 minute drive). It's supposed to continue icing until later tonight at which time it will turn to snow, then snow on and off until the morning. Just what we need - snow on top of ice!! The overnight low will be about 15.

I really don't want to drive to work in the morning!!
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It's been rainy but relatively warm here all day. It was about 55 degrees when I went out at lunch. The temperature's supposed to be dropping soon, though. It'll probably be freezing when I leave here in a few minutes.
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Well they cancelled the overnight snow, but we'll get hit with it later today and overnight. Depending on how the storm settles in, right now they are predicting anywhere from 3 inches to 2 feet in my area.

We have a 7:15 flight tomorrow morning with an hour drive to the airport on normal days. They are saying that the snow will be coming down so hard that the road crews will not be able to keep up with it and they are already saying don't try to drive early tomorrow.

Lows over the weekend will be close to zero. I'm almost hoping that they will cancel flights all day cause I'm going to worry about my ferals all weekend. I won't be here to shovel out their "paths" to their enclosures. My niece will be upset if we don't make her wedding in Charleston, but personally, my cats are more important right now!

I guess winter has finally arrived.
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