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James and Jake

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It's been 2 years since I lost my two kitties James and Jake. They were brothers who were given to me by my Aunt. They started life as barn kittens and when they were old enough my aunt gave them to me to raise. They were beautiful orange tabbies. Jake was the adventurer and James was the sweetheart. They were unseperable. Well...I moved from their first apartment into an apartment across town. They did fine indoors and seemed to be adjusting ok. I started to let them ouside after the first few weeks. Still fine, until one day when I got home from work Jake did not greet me at the front door and James was acting like he was upset. I couldn't find Jakey. James and I walked all over the neighborhood and could not find a trace of him. James kept leading me to the sewer where I suspect Jake either climed into or fell into. We never did find him. I hope in my heart that someone found him outside and gave him a good home. About a week after Jake disappeared, one night after work James was gone too. No trace of him anywhere. I wish I knew what happened to them. It makes me soo sad to think about loosing them like that. I have since moved to Florida and have given up hope that I will see them again. I hope that someone took them in and gave them a good home
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Coco Maui, I'm sure you miss them very much. The fact that you searched the neighborhood and didn't see anything makes me think they got lost and found a new home. Cats don't like change, so it's possible they tried to find their old home.

I hope by now you have another cat. It would be sad to live without a furry pet. I have decided to keep my cats indoors now, because I lost my special Pixie when she was hit by a car. I know this isn't the solution everyone would choose, but I feel safer about things this way.

It's quite a tribute to James and Jake that you are still thinking of them and missing them two years later. Let's assume that a good family took them in, and that they are living happily, but missing you as you miss them.
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Not knowing is certainly the hardest way to have to deal with loss. I pray that they are both safe in a loving home or wrapped up in God's arms till you meet again!
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Thank you for your replies. I still think about them often and hope thet someone found them and gave them a good home. The thing that hurts the most when i think of them is that they may not be together somewhere because they were lost seperatly. since then I have "acquired" three great kitties. Berkley we adopted from a breeder and Sterling was my boyfriend's mother's cat. We adopted him after his mommy passed away of cancer. Coco was also adopted from my boyfriend's mother after her passing. Steven and I had given Coco to her a month before she died. Boy did Coco bring joy to her life in her last weeks of life. So, now we have Berkley, Sterling, and Coco. They are all great kitties! I miss James and Jakey though. They were my first kitties and i will always wonder about them and hope they found good homes.

This forum is such a great place! Thanks again for your kind words.
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