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Calming cats in the show hall

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Any ideas???

Stevie's been acting up, he only finaled in one ring (9th Best, Best Sh CH and 3rd Best AB CH in one ring, only 2nd Best SH CH in another, failed to do anything in the other 2 rings!) and the next show is in January.

He acts up if there is even a hint of a female in heat and I'm at a loss! This is the first time he's behaving badly at any show! He only needs 26 pts to grand

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I don't show or breed cats so I don't have a clue but out of idle curiosity I would be very interested in the answers you get. I have wondered about this myself. Given that cats come into heat so often it seems there would always be at least one female there in heat and that the intact males would react the way nature intended.
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No one should be showing their females in full heat! Most judges know entire males will sometimes act up. Was he ok being handled? or was he fiesty, growling, hissing? Did he spray the cages?

You might bring a little bottle of vanilla extract and put it on his nose just before you take him to the ring. Test his reactions at home first with it.

They also sometimes sell calming herbs stuff at shows (kinda expensive) but it might work. To be less then 30 pts to grand would be frustrating if he starts acting up
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Thank GK, I knew you'd come through for me! Never thought of the vanilla extract - I use it for introductions only!

I was forced to withdraw him from one ring - he was really, really upset! And he was acting up in another which is why he didn't place at all... He was okay for the other two though...

I've warned him (as if he listens!) that he will be neutered if he doesn't behave in January!
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Sorry to learn that Stevie was acting up at the show. I see some grumpy Abby's at the shows sometimes. Nothing severe, just squirmy and hissy.

I've found that once an adult cat gets upset at a show, it's very difficult to calm him back down enough to finish the show and continue to place well. It can take many hours for an agitated cat to calm down, even after the stimulus is removed.

Really the key is to ensure he doesn't get upset to start with. Put the Vanilla extract on his nose before you enter the showhall and re-apply it often enough to keep him from smelling the other cats as much. If you use Feli-way at home, you might try spraying a little in the judging cage prior to putting him in. I have seen others doing this and they claim it helps.

One of my bengal males that I showed last year would only get really grumpy if he could smell another male cats spray. If we ended up getting benched near another exhibitor who's cat sprayed, I'd have to pull my cat from the rest of the show. He wouldn't settle down until he couldn't smell it anymore.
He would be growling and hissing the whole time he was being judged because he had smelled the spray and he could now see the other cats in the judging ring. He was usually fine back in his own show cage. The vanilla trick wouldn't work once he got worked up...it was game over. I also tried the herbal extract with no luck.
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I am sure it's a little late to respond now But, at the last show I was at, I bought the feli-way, and I was advised to spray a little on my hands and rub it on my clothes so when carrying him to the judging cage he would have the smell of it on me and my hands, they also said to kind of wave my hands by his face (not in it or on it) to get the smell to him.
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