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the LATE daily thread Wed Nov 29

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I am LATE LATE LATE. Dang work interfering with my life.

How about a quick holiday???

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I'm telling our customers that motto!

Half way through the week already, woo hoo It's lovely and sunny here and half of my day is over
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Its Hump Day!! I am ready for the weekend! It has been pretty busy for me lately. Lots of filing and what not to be done. Yuck! I hate filing! But i have got to get all this crap off my desk! I can't stand it!

Have a great day everyone!
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Hmmm, so work got in the way huh Nita...????

Fairly good day, the doc gave me the thumbs up to go to Singapore so, I'm off in the morning on the bus! Wont be posting at all I shd think for the next five days or so!

Have a good mid week everyone!
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Clunk.....AHHHHH.....Clunk......AAAAHHHHH.....Clunk.....AAAHHHHH.....Clunk...... AAAHHHHH

Well don't you know, that the sound of the men, working on the chain, gang.....That's the sound of the men, working on the chain gang.

Got no idea the temp, just that is is chilly, and we actually have a cloudy day here in Tucson, Arizona. (you can count those days on the fingers of one hand) and we got some drizzle.

As you can tell I am at work (chain gang) but the outside flowers are happy, the hummers and eating like little piggies, I suspect my 4 "children" are all sacked out on the couch together waiting for me to come home, and nothing has changed in this hole at all.

Hang in there baby, it is only going to get worse.
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I actually finished cleaning the vinyl siding on my house this morning, and have the whole place looking squeaky clean. So now, I can do the christmas decorations this weekend
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Oh I'm just doing what I do the best get some online for a few people for Christmas
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Read the WSJ, took my walk, finished up three gifts (well one is for me)!!
DH said he couldn't read my Cristmas list so I'm am going to show hime by making it a power point presentation and email it to him!! That will suck up most of the afternoon until I start my minestrone for supper!!
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Well my vacation had ended and today is the first day of our work week(we go Wed thru Tues, weird huh?) I wish they'd change it to Sun thru Sat but oh well.
I'm sitting here on my day off (they were nice and gave me an extra vacation day) pondering how I can get more time off. I so enjoyed the time I had with DH, we didn't fight, at all during our time together and I think it had to do with both of us not being stressed out. I miss him right now. He's at work.
Oh well I guess if you want things, you have to earn them right?

Happy customer is NOT right day everyone! Have a fantastic day!
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