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Fancy Feast

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With four cats now I was horrified at the thought of holding them down and getting cut to ribbons while adminestering their meds so I dosed a can of fancy feast and they scarfed it up. They like it so much we're figuring on giving them a can a day as a treat. Anybody have any input on using this as a dietary suppliment?
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I haven't researched the issue, but my crew of 8 certainly prefers Fancy Feast as well And I have yet to find a super-premium canned that my cats will go for But as far as the kibble goes, they prefer the Innova to FancyFeast Gold.
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Without going into great detail, I thik you can equate feeding Fancy Feast to eating a Big Mac.

Very tasty, but not good for you to eat on a regular basis. As a treat I'm sure it's fine, but the ingredients aren't the best.

Several years ago we had a male cat that refused to eat anything except the sliced beef Fancy Feast canned. We had to cave into his demands as he would literally starve himself.
Eventually he got sick of it and starting eating the better foods we offer, but it went on for about 6 months. He's no worse for wear, but I'm glad he got off that habit.
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Have you tried any other brands of canned food? There are lots better, and for cheaper if you buy the big cans. If you split up a $1.30 13 oz can of Felidae, Innova, or California Natural into 3 oz servings, they're only 33 cents compared to 50 cents for Fancy Feast. Chicken Soup is about the same- 60 cents for a 5.5 oz can.

Although I doubt it would hurt them, there's just a lot better out there.

IMO this is a great way to give meds. Lily gets a crushed L-lysine tablet every day in her canned food, and I've also used this method for antibiotics and probiotics(not at the same time).
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