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2 in 1 week

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I know of 2 differnt cats that died this week. One was about 7 months old and had an allergic reaction to anestetic. He passed before he even got to the table to be neutered. It's so sad Then I talked to someone tonight whose cat died suddenly last night of heart failure. I knew both of these cats & it's hitting me very hard so R.I.P sweet babies knowing you were loved!
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RIP sweet, poor kitties. Play happily at the Bridge.
It is so wonderful that pople write about other cats too, not only about their own cats, isn't it?
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It sure is !

Sorry to hear about your loss. Two little friends in a week, that's tough
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Bless their little hearts

Have a wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge sweet angels

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Rest in Peace precious ones
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RIP precious ones. You were loved.
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Oh, I'm sorry for your losses.

Rest in peace little lives - you are loved. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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bless the little ones
RIP sweethearts, you can run & play with your new fur-family over the bridge
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I am so sorry to hear about these losses. I trully believe our beloved kits carry the love we have for them to the Rainbow Bridge to share with the ones that didn't have such love. It sounds like these two will have plenty of love to share.

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