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Okay, now what

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Alright, I'm not sure what to do here and I'll try to keep this short. We've been feeding a cat that has been coming into our backyard. He would always run anytime I went outside, sometimes even when I'd just unlock the door. Anyhoo, he's been getting a little more...trusting I'll say. He's been coming into the yard now while I'm out there, but he won't come too close to me. Well, tonight he's hanging out by the back door, rubbing all over it like he wants to come in. The three girls are all watching the show. What should we do? We can't take in another cat, and he seems like he's in great shape. Could he have an owner and just like us alot (because we feed him)
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I have a cat that is very similar, but "Sylvester" craves affection, and since I'm affectionate, that seems to be the draw. You might try providing an outside shelter, in case he's cold. Since you don't know his health history, IMO, it's best not to expose the girls to him. But I would keep feeding him and post him as a "found cat", in case he's really lost, and is eating at various spots in the neighborhood. Good luck! Susan
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My guess is he is homeless, but apparently managing quite well. Now you did won his trust...

Do work on double traces, like Catsknowme recommends.

Write him up as found, and simultaneously help him at home as you would with a semiferal who you are helping.
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I don't plan on exposing him to the girlies, not yet anyway. If we do decide to trap him, he'll go straight to the vet. I know it sounds silly, but I'm almost afraid to pet him in case he bites me Just a stupid fear that I wish I could get over. He seems really sweet though.
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I have always had that fear too from a stray cat that did bite me as a child.

Several months back, I was in a very similar situation. A cat just started showing up. I started putting food out for him, initially he would run from me, but eventually he got use to me. I would just sit outside with him everyday and just let him approach me. I figured if I let him come to me, he would be less defensive and not bite me. I put a carrier outside for him to get use to, too.

I posted several signs around my area, as well as posting an ad in the newspaper for a found cat. No one ever responded.

I finally got him into the carrier and off to the vet. I contacted several rescue agencies in my area and they posted a pic of him on their web sites. He was adopted within a week and a half of him being posted by a very nice lady, who still sends me updates.

I wish I could have kept him, but two of my boys have issues with their love towards one another. And I just couldnt chance bringing another boy in to perhaps cause more territory issues.

Yours could very well already belong to someone and just really like your food. If you posted some flyers, that would at least give you some ideas as to where to start or if you have anything to start.

There is a neighborhood cat that comes over everyday and I feed him everyday (with his owners permission). I even have a cat bed on my veranda for him to come and nap on. He does have an owner, but I guess he likes my food better.
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