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TCS Vibes needed for a possible roommate. . .

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Hi all!!
I'm not usually one to ask for vibes, but I'm trying to learn to be better about asking for support when I need it.

As you can see in my siggy, I'm now five months pregnant. The father and I are still on speaking terms, but there is no intention of co-habitating or marriage any time soon. I am still in college, and will stay so for as long as I can afford or until i get my degree, whichever comes first. Unfortunately, I'm currently looking for work, and my bank account is running low for the moment (until after the 1st of the year, at least) So I'm considering getting a roommate to share this huge house with me and the kritters.

My counselor suggested another client of hers who is looking for a place to get out of a (verbally and recently minor physically) abusive relationship. Now, I don't think my counselor would have suggested this person if she didn't think we'd be a good fit, considering she knows both of us and our situations very well. But I'm still cautious. I have another person to consider now.

I have spoken with this woman on the phone, and she sounds very nice. She has one elderly (declawed) cat who would be coming with her if she moves in, and she is an animal lover. She and a friend are coming to my house tomorrow to meet me and have a look around. If all goes well, she could be here by the 9th. I have enjoyed having my space, but I'm in a situation now where I need to get some positive cashflow going. Could you all just spare some vibes and prayers that I'm doing the right thing for me and my baby, and that it will benefit us all in the end??
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Vibes on their way. I understand your anxiety: theoretically, it sounds fine, but you really do need to get a gut feeling about this person before you can let go some of the stress about the proposition. I hope your interview/encounter/ whatever... goes well, and you find a fit.
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Vibes coming your way. I know how hard it is to end up trying to figure out how to do things that is best for the baby. I hope things work out.
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Sending mega {{{prayers and vibes}}} that you get the housemate and that harmony thrives in your household. It could be a good thing to have another adult in the house when the baby arrives; all new mommies need moral support. And in the Hispanic culture, it's common for the mommy to get a duenna (often her mother or an older, unmarried sister or young aunt) who is there specifically to care for the mommy; to make sure she gets plenty of good, nourishing meals and plenty of rest in a peaceful, restful environment so that her milk comes in good and plentiful. Please keep us posted on how it goes at the introduction! Fortunately, being a cat person, you will be able to (even subconsciously) pick up on "vibes" and body language and other subliminal clues
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Sending lots of vibes that it will work out either way..

I think as long as you have a good feeling about the woman and it seems to fit, it would be a great way to save some money. If you really need to make ends meet, then I say as long as she seems nice and normal..go for it!!

Good will be weird not to live alone anymore...but I'm sending vibes that you'll adjust nicely
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I can certainly understand why you would be cautious, your home is your castle and retreat after all. I am sending lots of good vibes that it works out.
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Usually our gut instincts are right. The only other thing you must be prepared for (and it sounds as though you are) is sharing a living space with another person. There will have to be compromise on both your parts.

Sending warm wishes that this will all work out great for you.
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I hope you find the person right for you and your situation. I am sure you are your kitties need some good mojo.
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Thanks you guys! I knew I could count on you for encouragement.

Karen is coming over tonight after she gets off work. I think it will be good to have another adult in the house too, I just worry about us both getting sleep deprivation from the lil' one but I still have a lot of thought and prayer to go in to this decision before we go ahead with it. I will let everyone know how it goes!!
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Well, I've met Karen (and her friend Jackie, who came with her), and I think this might be a good thing for all involved. She's about ten yrs older than me, comes from a large family (5 younger sibs), has done child care in the past and has two cats of her own. I am an only child w/no child care experience whatsoever. She could be a very good person to have around!
She is a very nice person in a very bad situation, but she's doing what she needs to do to change that. The only reason she's staying put for the moment is because she doesn't want her abusive drunk of a husband to go after her kits when she's not there
We had a chance to talk about the rent & utilities, and I guess we'll just playt he rest by ear when she gets here. I did tell her I couldn't make any guarantees about how long this arrangement would last, but I do believe in helping people get back on their feet, so for now, it will do. thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers!!!
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I'm glad to hear that it looks like the situation with Karen will work out. It sounds like you both are in a position to help each other right now.
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Im glad things are working out for you!
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that sounds like its working out I would make sure and be careful of her soon to be ex. but otherwise it sounds like a good deal
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glad to hear thing might be looking up!
I've lived with roomies before and they can be a godsend sometimes..a sholder to cry on, a buddy to laugh with, a break in expences and a life long friend. I live in a two bedroom with my boyfriend and my grandparents live below me..they are like my old foggie roomies lol we talk about our days, bake for each other and its wonderful having someone around incase you really are in trouble or need a hand.

Awesome that your helping this women out.
Remember to hide your money and personal info ( i watch a lot of CourtTV)

Great luck and keep us updated!
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lots of good vibes, thoughts, and prayers going out that it works out for the best.
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Sounds like this could be a win/win situation. Good on ya! And all the best for the months ahead.
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