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*New Game* I'm Greatful For ....

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With the holiday seasons rolling around, i know a lot of us are worrying about making ends meet and also being able to provide a little extra something for our loved ones. So instead of focusing on $$$ or stresses, i thought we should start a new game

I'll start

I'm greatful for....

my dinner- it's lasagna and it's yummy

ya'lls turn!
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I'm grateful for my DH who is such a good man

I am grateful for being able to Love my Cats and give them what they need

For My family ( SOMETIMES)

For having found such a wonderful group of caring helpful cat lovers here at TCS You guys are the bestest
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I'm grateful that God gave me such a wonderful Husband and 4 beautiful children.
I am also grateful that I have met such wonderful friends here on this site.
Also, for my furbabies.
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I'm Grateful for my little family, having healthy pets and for being happy for the first time in a long time.
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I'm greatful for
My health
my mother and grandparents
and my BF for helping through financial hardship
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I'm grateful for the way I was raised, that has made me informed and compassionate, and therefore able to help others - especially the needy animals in the world. I'm grateful to have the availability of things in my life like food, shelter, friends, family, love and the means to support myself. I'm grateful for good health and my wonderful Max.

I'm VERY grateful to whoever invented the internet!! Without which I would not have many of the things I list above, because most of all, it's been a learning medium for me, and I've made some wonderful friends through places like TCS!
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What a lovely idea for a game!

I'm grateful for...
Having 2 hours off work this afternoon to go shopping!
Being blessed with 2 wonderful furkids
My lovely boyfriend Mark
Being in the position to have just bought my first home
The cup of tea I have sitting beside me at my desk
All the help our families have given us recently
Im also grateful for the internet too! Without it I would not have found TCS and made such wonderful friendships and learnt how to get so much more out of my relationship with my cats
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I love this!

Everyone has such nice things to be grateful for, just reading them helps stay upbeat.

So, I'm grateful for this thread, for fodder, flax, fire, Frigg (and Freya), and for my book to work on, and for a very nice sleep last night.
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I am grateful for...
All my kitties and feathered babies. I don't know what I would do without them
My family...especially my mom and my grandma
Having a roof over my head.
Cable and the internet because if I have to go without it I go crazy LOL
Places like this forum where you learn so much and get to meet nice people too.
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I am grateful for many things, one is TCS, you have all seen my good and bad times and stuck to me alot in the last two years.
I cant be more grateful than that!

I am also grateful that my parents did they best they could to raise me, and that they showed me many places of the world.

I am also thankful for the people who are currently helping me out at the moment. and My boss because she hired me! even though i am very young for this company!
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What a great thread!! I'm grateful for my parents, my girls Maggie & Jazz, that I have a roof over my head & food for the table and I'm grateful TCS I've met so many great people at this site and learned so much, and last but not least for my job.
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I'm grateful for my wonderful job, not exciting, but GREAT pay and benefits
I'm grateful for my family, my Mom and Dad are the best parents ever
I'm grateful that I'm able to give my lovely kitties a home when no one else would
I'm grateful that I'm in reasonable good health and able to get out of bed everyday
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I'm grateful for my health and Trouts health
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I'm grateful for waking up every morning!
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I'm grateful for:

The roof over my head,
th food in my cupboards,
An easy pregnancy so far,
The support of my family and friends both near and far,
The fact that my semester is almost over (whew!),
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I'm Grateful for:

Bella, and being the one chosen to be her mom for almost 13 years
My wonderful husband and family and friends
And for TCS and the wonderful friends I have met here and all the support I received for Bella .
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