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No Baseball Strike

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The player's union and the owners worked out an agreement just hours before the strike was set to go.

Personally, I don't even like baseball, but these labor disputes for some of the highest paid ENTERTAINERS really irritates me. Yes, they are athletes, and no I can't do their job. But how can you possibly justify getting pissy about perhaps not being able to make $5-8 million a year to play a game, a game that they all say they love so much? One other gripe - why do baseball players need a union? I'm sorry, but no one can say they are mistreated or underpaid.

I also look at the other sports and really wonder what makes baseball players think they are so darn special. They have been on strike 9 times in the past 30 years. Football players have gone on strike, what, once? Don't think there's ever been a hockey strike. I think they said basketball has been on strike maybe a couple times in that time frame. Football has a salary cap, as does hockey, not sure about basketball but I think they do. Why is baseball that freaking special that they should get paid whatever they want? The owners have no control, and it seems like a bunch of whining, spoiled brats for players. Guess that is part of the reason why I don't like baseball.

OK, so there's my rant...Anyone else have any thoughts on the subject? (Oh, and definitely feel free to disagree with me...I won't flame anyone - promise :goodbad: )
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I could have cared less if they striked or not, except for all the layoffs at the stadiums that would have occured. I would much rather watch amatuer or little league baseball without all of those ridiculas expensive players. In my fav professional sport (lacrosse) the players all have full time jobs, because the pay sucks. The play the game because they love it. The top player may get payed $600 per week. Regualr season is 16 games. That is only $9600 per season. If they into the playoff there are bonuses. Some fly across the country to get to their games (games are usually only on Fridays or weekends)
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I, for one, would have preferred the strike to initiate the downfall of the ridiculousness of "professional sports", such as they are.
Briefly, I whole-heartedly believe no-one (no exceptions) plays any sport for the love of the game. And kids!...Schools blow more money on sports than academics and every parent feels their kid in entitled to make $6mil and not have a passing education.

Oops! Sorry! I drifted into a slightly off-topic rant. Touchy issue with me (as if you couldn't tell).
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I think they get paid WAY too much for what they do, just like most other Professional sports. And as far as them whining because they aren't getting the amount of millions per year they THINK they deserve- I say let them work flipping burgers for a year or two to bring them back down to reality. Let them get by on minimum wage like so many of US and they may have a different perspective. They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves
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