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It's 7 below here right now. I just drank a cup of hot chocolate and may make another cup. I am freezing. thank God that we have a fireplace! how is the weather where you are? and we have atleast 3 inches of snow! and of course I have to work tomorrow night in the cold.
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Thank god it is still above zero here and no snow yet...but its coming
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I can't see through the fog to tell what is out there, but the next two days are supposed to have highs of 12-16c so I am guessing it won't be too nasty out there, they are threatening snow for Friday though
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Were expecting some slight winds cold ones, they said somewhere between 50 and 70 miles per hour As long as there's no rain or snow I say Thank you.
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It is 76F.

I love Miami!
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Its still in the 60s here right now but tomorow its supposed to be in the 30s with sleet and snow. Snow thursday too.
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Its been in the high 60s all week here. Its beautiful weather, but it doesn't feel like its getting anywhere close to Christmas! But I think I heard we'll have a cold front coming soon.....
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High 50s all week here but the temp is supposed to start dropping on Friday with temps in the 30s for the weekend winter, here we come!!
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A bit chilly but the suns shining
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Currently about 25F outside with just a sciff of snow. Holly wanted out this morning but she didn't stay long!! I tried to tell her there was snow and she would get cold wet feet but she is so stubborn. When she came in went straight to the bed where the heating blanket was still on and just gave with this "It's all your fault" look.
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It's -10 right now.
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