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Am I Being Silly?

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Ok, as Xmas time approaches I get more uneasy and start worrying about Layla. A wk before Xmas I got my first cat last year(Autumn) and sadly had to return her (long story). I got Layla in Jan. and all has been well but I keep getting scared that something bad may happen to Layla and like Autumn I may lose her. She's starting to do the same things Autumn did. The way Autumn use to curl up on my bed and I can't stop thanking about Autumn and
worry that Layla may go down hill like Autumn did.
Has anyone else ever felt this way?
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I know how you feel..but worrying accomplishes nothing..enjoy the time you have with your baby
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Yup, it's the toughest part of being a "meowmmy", or a mom, or a grandmother for that matter. I have 8 cats, but it still hurts that I lost my Miss Tobie a couple of years ago. Joey and JC also have that special bond with me, and I do fight worrying about them constantly. With reason,though, since JC has the Maine Coon trait to want to be a working cat; last time he got out, he was gone for almost a week, and was found hunting along a creek about 1/2 mile into the country (and I mean country, complete with numerous predators, including coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions). And my "little Joe-sters" is my right hand guy IRREPLACEABLE
The best we can do is do our best, and trust the rest to a Higher Power.
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Many times, especially when i've been in the bridge

Go and give Layla a hug and a scritch and tell her you love her and you'll be fine
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when i was younger i used to scared, of losing family, friends, pets.
it never feels good when you do. But it is better to have had that.. hmm love if you will.
after all what is life without the good and bad.
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a few years ago we recieved an early xmas present of a cat that was a barn cat who's mother had been killed andn they were worried it would freeze over the winter he was only 7 weeks old. We took him in and he hid behind the toilet for a week only coming out to eat. We finally grabed him and took a closer look at him. we noticed he had a hard time opening his mouth and one od his teeth was a wierd color.
We took him to the vet and they took the tooth out and gave us antibiotics. The day before new years the little kitten couldn't lift his head. We rushed him into the vet and they told us the infection had gone to the brain and there was nothing we could do. He died that evening.
After that I was scared to own another cat, I didn't want to get attached. After a while the anticipation dispersed and my parents got Duke... well nothing happened so I decided to get Sibohan. Again nothing happened. I am a little worried about taking them to my parents for christmas this year but being a overprotective momie I am worried about them geting out of their carriers etc.
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Thanks guys
I should be happy that Layla is here now and enjoy her.
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Yep. Im going threw it right now with Nazumi. Im scared to death that the cardio vet will tell me something different then my regular vet and that I will loose him like I did Bagheera.
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That's the risk of loving, it hurts so much when you lose them, but it's still worth it. Try to enjoy every minute now, and don't worry about the future because it doesn't exist (yet).

Cheers, from
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I know that feeling too =/

Just last night I had the worst nighmare I have EVER had... I was petting Cody and his head fell off... It was so realistic too, omg, it makes me cry, in fact after I woke up I was VERY hesitent to pet him-silly I know, but it scared the CRAP out of me. I know he's not going to be here forever... But I sure wish he was. I wish they all were. I know that's selfish, but it's hard... I have been giving all the kitties extra kisses and loving all day...

I don't know what to tell you, as I am going through the same thing, but it seems like you are on the right track-just give her the best life you can, it's the most we can do.
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I understand completely, with animals or people...After my husband was killed...everytime the phone rang I was in a panic that someone else had died...I would run to the phone with a racing heartbeat...and now with losing Bella, the love of my life I am in a constant state of panic, for my other cats and people I love. You just have to love them like crazy while you have them!!!!
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