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Chewed through electrical cord!!

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Question for all: I bought a water fountain to encourage 8 month old Sophie Lilac to drink more water. She seemed afraid of the noise the pump made, but I figured she'd just get used to it. But, she chewed right through the elctrical cord!!! So much for that idea. She loves to sit in the sink and look at drips, but she doesn't drink much. Any suggestions as to get her to drink more water?
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She didn't get shocked, did she? Is she OK?
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i guess if she really wanted the water she would drink it.
My stewie likes to drink out of the toilet and the tub after we get outta the shower. I dont see him drink out of his dish ever but i assume they are getting enough water.
Maybe add more water dishes to your home. I have two cats..two water and feed dishes.
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I agree, if she was thirsty, she would drink. I have a small water cooler type thing for Tobee and he loves it. He sticks his paw in it and plays a little without being able to knock it over and he always has fresh water.


If you are seriously concerned and she has had any water for a couple of days, take her to her vet. You don't want to mess around with cats and dehydration. Good luck!

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Get a water fountain shaped like a toilet?
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You could try putting your kitties water bowl in the tub? (that's where Reilly drinks his water)

Or ice cubes in the water, bottled water or a touch of tuna juice in the water.

That might help
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My cats absolutely love cold distilled water out of a glass. When I come to put fresh cold water, I have to stand there while they drink and then refill.

You might try a stainless steel bowl, it will keep the water cooler.
I dont know why, but in my experience, my cats love cold water.
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My vet said to never let a cat drink water from the toilet. They can get parasites.
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