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Cat Flap problem

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How do i get my cats to come through our new cat flap/door? We have just installed it today and my cats just sit at the other side of the flap peering through, ive been opening it with my hand but they just look puzzled It just goes into our conservatory from our kitchen as its cold in there but thats where i keep there food and litter tray, but now its winter i hate leaving the door open that is why weve bought a flap but there not using it!

So how can i get them used to going through it ect? Any ideas?? thanks guys
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When we had the other garage we had a cat flap. We actually pushed the cats through the flap both ways a few times before they figured it out!!
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I agree with the above - post them through it a few times! Sounds daft but it does help them to learn what it's for. Also try propping it open and luring them through with treats or their favourite food. They will get the hang of it
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Yep, just shove the furries though there
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Thanks i have been and i think Simba has got the hang of it but Tiger hates it and looks at me like im cruel when ive pushed him through, hope he gets it soon!!!
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I'll move this to care and grooming for you
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Try propping it open with something like a wine bottle so that they get the hang of going through the hole. Then you can gradually lower the flap so that they have to make more and more effort to get through it.
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