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Peachy's babies Are now 6 months

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Hi All
I'ts been 6 months now since Peachy had her babies

This is Toots she was the first 1 born, she is tiny compared to her younger brother Mr Shady lol


This is Mr Shady He's a right little show off

This is a pic of them together so you can see the difference in size lol

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Mr. Shady sure is fluffy butt!
What cute kitties!

My stewie is WAY larger than his sister Jayda...I guess sometimes boy beef up a bit.
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awe they are sooo cute i the coloring difference o my they are soo gorgeous
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How precious! Mr. Shady is so fluffy and soft. I would use him as a pillow just like I do with my Tobee. The coloring on Toots is absolutely stunning. They are both so adorable!

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Thanx here is another 1 of Mr Shady.......his tail is like a foxtail lol[IMG][/IMG]
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So cute! He does look like my Tobee! I love that tail!

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i dont know where he got that tail lol the 2 cats to the left of my siggy are Toots and Shady's parents when they were babies, and they dont have tails like that.
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They're very pretty babies!
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Gorgeous cats!
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Oh my word their just gorgeous!!!
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Wow!!, look at the size of Mr. Shady!!, they are adorable
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Aw, how cute! I love Toots' markings and Mr Shady is a handsome little man
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Those are two very beautiful cats. Both of their markings are just so stunning. And what a beautiful fox tail Mr Shady has!
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i've been trying to get some pics of Shady with his tail in the air but i've still not managed to get 1 yet lol

Heres a pic of Toots with her Daddy

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Good grief you can tell their related as well
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