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What the heck is Tobee?

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Can anyone tell me what (mix of) breed(s) my Tobee is? My boyfriend and I are just curious. If you need any other information (about coat, body shape, etc...) just ask! Thanks for your help!



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Sorry, I am getting a "page requested not found" error message on the photobucket links.
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I just fixed the links. Thanks!

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looks kinda like my Mr Shady lol
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What is Mr. Shady? Is he the right-most kitty on your siggy? Your babys are adorable!

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No he's not on my siggy yet............ Mr Shady is in here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=106971
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Gosh, your boy is beautiful!!! All I can say for sure is that he's got tabby in him. What beautiful eyes!!!
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I like his smudgy nose.
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The lighting is not that great in the pictures, but I'm taking a guess that he's a blue tabby with white mixed domestic longhair. If you are thinking maine coon, I'd say no. He looks more mixed breed.

BTW Peach - you have two nice classic tabbys - one's a brown classic, the longhair is a blue classic
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It was a little hard to see because two of the photos were a bit dark, but he looks like a very handsome deomestic longhair...one of my favourite breeds.
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If he has a long coat, he's a domestic long hair, or as people in the UK loving refer to as a "moggie." In other words, he is of no specific pedigree...he's really lovely, however. You'll find that the vast majority of cat people on here own lovely DSH's or DLH's, which is short for domestic short-hair, or domestic long-hair.
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