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Adding a new feral

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I have been asked to adopt a new feral who can no longer stay where he has been living.

He was just neutered this past week (he is approx one and a half years old) and had a history of fighting with a very territorial neighbor's cat.

Anyway....my little feral group is a very happy one. They all love each other and cuddle and play together all day long.

How would you suggest merging this new cat into the group so that new cat doesn't chase off my current group?

This new male would be 100% outside and is definately feral, but is becoming slightly more comfortable with people. Any advice?
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I'm not experienced enough to have any suggestions, but good luck! Sounds like this could really upset the apple cart. I'm sure you've already earned your angel wings - here's hopes your kindness and your feral kitties will win him over without too much trouble.

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Just wondering how it is going with the new addition?
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It didn't go well at all. When I brought home the kitty he simply freaked out. He was either climbing the walls of the kennel trying to escape or cowering in terror behind the litter box. We kept him in the kennel for 3 nights and then just let him out because he was so miserable. I was hoping to keep him in the kennel for at least a week so he could acclimate to the smells and sights of the yard. Alas.....we have not seen him since we let him out. I fear he is long gone. And I feel so guilty for agreeing to take this poor boy. Perhaps he would have been better off elsewhere.
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Oh No! Don't say that! Where else would he have been happy - you have food, water, shelter, care and love. Poor guy apparently isn't happy anywhere. So sorry it doesn't seem to have worked out. If there's access to food, don't be too sure he won't show up some time. "Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all." May sound trite now, but you have to try! Don't write him off yet, and if it turns out that is the case, you can't let it prevent you from trying again.
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