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Ugh. We started decorating our spare room this evening. We have dismantled the wardrobe that the previous owners left, pulled the skirting board off, and pulled the door frame off.
Upstairs now looks like a tornado hit it We are replacing the door, and floor aswell and also removing a glass panel from above the door and replacing it with plaster board, then painting the whole room. It's only going to get worse before it gets better.
Does anyone else get a bit down in the dumps when doing work to their house?
I know it will be lovely once it's finished, so roll on the next few days!
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Dealing with customers having alot of construction work done to their homes, pretty much everybodyt gets really down in the dumps about their home being torn apart, but it is always worth it in the end when you have it how you want
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Once you see how good it turns out, you'll forget all about the mess you had to tolerate before.
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I know it stinks...but it's going to be GREAT when it's done!!!
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Yep, I hate seeing my place all in a shambles...At least the end result will be worth it though
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Gil did my decorating last week so i'm pleased it's over with. I don't get down in the dumps over it, i just hate upheaval and mess so i get irritated But i was at work when he decorated so by the time i got home he was all tidied up.

Come christmas Lauren you'll be all done
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i was in the dumps when i was half done painting the house, it looked like a bomb hit it, and also when we moved in! atleast now though its starting to pretty up.

I have yet to put up a waldrobe so all my clothes and shoes are still in boxes and suitcases
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Whenever I take on a project in the house that involves everything looking chaotic before its finished, I get overwhelmed. But it just makes the finished project that much more to enjoy once the chaos is cleaned and peace is restored.
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I get overwhelmed if it is a project that stretches on for a long length of time. If it is something short term, I can deal with it. In the end, it will all be worth it We will also want pics!
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