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feeding raw?

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Being a hard-core dog lover I feed my dogs homemade wet food in addition to a mixture of Nutro Max and Lamb/Rice, what I feel is a good quality kibble. There are many recipes out there but the one I use basically has about 8 lbs raw meat (can be beef, some liver, ground heart), 8 chopped hard boiled eggs (ok that is not raw), 2-3 cans salmon and/or jack mackerel, Knox gelatine powder, molasses, oats, and Knox Nutrajoint glucosamine supplement. (There are those who add veggies to the dog food but I am sure that Zircon would delicately spit it out somewhere with a look as if to ask "what do I look like, a rabbit?"). I freeze it and take out as much as I need.

Brady seemed very interested in this concoction which was in the dog's dishes. Can I make something similar for him? Does anyone have recipies?
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You can plenty of recipes online, i did a bit of research on it when I started thinking of feeding raw. I've gone with a pre-made raw patty since i was a little intimidated with the idea of starting raw from scratch (i was worried I would miss something that they needed).

Good for you though feeding such a wonderful diet. You babies look beautiful in your pictures!
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My cat like rabbit and beef raw ... skip the oats with a cat and if you use bones( grd bones too) skip the geletin...... I use premade 2lb chubs and add each supplement ... The dogs dont need the grain either
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veggies are healthy for dogs, might want to try it once or twice. our dog sees carrots like treats. but he gets only half the normal amount of food and the other half is all veggies (carrots, cauliflower, beans, and sometimes broccoli but he doesn't usually eat that).
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