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Scary Stuff

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Wow. I just did my first ever Radio interview. As some of you might know, I've been doing voluntary marketing stuff for my local Cats Protection.

Well - we have an Open Day tomorrow (silly stuff like bouncy castles, raffles, stalls and stands etc).

I've been firing out emails asking local radio stations to publicise the event. 2 of them have requested phone interviews. Today's wasn't so bad (although I did have to go to the pub for a stiff drink after), as it wasn't live, and only for a real local outfit. But thank goodness I'd spend some time preparing by making notes.

Tomorrow morning, I'm being interviewed LIVE (OMG!!!) for the local BBC station. And at a quarter to eight in the morning.

Think of me and wish me luck?

I hope all these puddy cats apreciate the extra grey hairs I'm accumulating due to this!!
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Don't sweat it, Yola. Just concentrate on what you're doing. I did live theater, for twelve years and loved it. Good luck and don't look directly into the camera.
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You will do fine Yola!

Think of the good you are doing the cats and just relax and do some deep breathing. Good for you for taking up this cause!
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I'm sure you'll do great!!!! Let us know how it goes!! Lots of good thoughts coming your way!!!!
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Did you know that public speaking is the number 1 fear? Seems many people would literally rather die than speak publicly! LOL

I'm sure you will do fine, Yola. You know about what you are talking about, and you are doing great by all those kitties. Just think about them when you are being interviewed. I've found you just can't get too uptight thinking about/looking at cute kitties. Besides, your enthusiasm for the cats will really come through in the interview, and it will make other people excited about it too.
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Just picture us all behind you cheering you on "Rah Rah sis boom ba, goooooo Yola!"
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Good luck with your interview!!! You will be great!!!!
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You'll be great! Just think of how much good you will be doing.
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How did the interview go? How exciting to get so much publicity for your Cats Protection. I hope it is a huge success.
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Yes, how did it go? I am sure you were great!
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Just as I thought - MEGA scary.

They called me about 7.45 am. I'd locked myself in the office at the top of the house - hubbs was under STRICT instructions not to listen to the radio downstairs (he didn't too!!)

I had to listen to the radio through the phone before they announced me (Amen Corner's If Paradise Was Half as Nice will for ever be indellibly imprinted on my mind). I was SO nervous when I started talking to him, but I got into the swing of it fairly quickly.

It must've lasted only about 3-4 minutes, but I came downstairs after it literally shaking. I really don't think I've ever been so nervous - if it had been face-to-face I don't think it would've been too bad - but I HATE phones they are so impersonal.

However - it did the trick we exceeded all expectations in terms of monies collected from the event.

Next time I think I'll be fully prepared.
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I'm glad to hear you got through it! And even though you were scared, I'm sure you did a great job!! I'm happy to hear the event was a success and it made alot of money!!!
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Go Yola! Go Yola!
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Congratulations! You Go Girl!
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YOLA! That is wonderful news!
I am proud of you all the way over here!
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