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We have no ceiling

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Our ceiling caved in a few days ago in this room. We were lucky that all our electronics are fine. We need a new roof, but can't get it until at least the spring because it is going to cost about $15,000. Insurance will fix the ceiling though, but wont get done until the roof is done. Its freezing in this room and its supposed to rain the next 2 days.

It started off as this with the rain coming through a bit.

The next big rainfall, it turned into this.

My boyfriend wanted to see how much water was in the ceiling so he drilled a hole in it and this is what happened. It dripped like that for hours.

We have a drop ceiling and then the regular ceiling. This is what the regular ceiling looks like now.

And our drop ceiling.

It took down 8 tiles, and one was left just hanging there so we just took it down. It was a huge mess, broken ceiling tiles everywhere and plaster all over everything.
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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry this happened to you!

{{{{{{{{{{{ VIBES }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Wow! That really sucks! Get the tarps ready and lots of buckets!
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I'm so sorry.
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We already have the buckets all out from when it was leaking before it caved in. It's only a matter of time before it happens in other rooms too. It was leaking in the other tv room a little bit, and thats all it started with in here. Our bedroom is leaking a little too. The garage is the worst, when it rains the whole garage gets soaked.
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Oh honey I am sorry that this happened to you!!!! NO time is a good time for this to happen, but THIS time is the worst. Do you have a fireplace or some way to keep warm......or will you need to get out for a month or so?????? This is terrible.
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We have heat. It just has to be turned up higher to heat this room now. Its not a small house its about 3,600 square feet and there are many other rooms to go in. Our tv and computer are in here though which sucks.
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Did you go in the attic to see what that looks like-I'm sure the insulation is all wet. Can you get really big tarps and nail gun then to the roof???
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We can't really get up there. Our house is only one floor and it has a flat ceiling so there is no room to move. It's really tiny and nobody can fit without getting stuck. I'm not sure about the tarps but we are going to have to do something. You can tell its all wet up there if you look at the ceiling where it fell.
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Holy cow, that's a bummer!
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This happened originally on Friday. More of it is going to fall, I just know it. You can see when the original picture was taken (Saturday morning) that it was cracked more but the crack on the right keeps getting bigger and keeps getting lower and lower. Here is a close up picture that I just took.

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Oh, that sucks! I am sorry you are going through this Hope things work out faster than you expect.
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Well, I hate to say it but someone is going to have to up on that roof and try to find where it is leaking and tarp it real good. You say you can not get it fixed for how long? And you are just starting to face winter up there??? Oh honey, this is not good.
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We are going to get it tarped for the winter. Its just a problem until we can get that done. Its supposed to rain all day today, tomorrow and Friday which isn't good.
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That sounds pretty expensive for a new roof. I'd definitely get another estimate. We had a large 5 level side-split and our new roof cost about $2,500.
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Oh I hate water when it does its own thing! It is so scary. I am so sorry that you are facing this. I have a lake at the back of the house where water from a spring is pouring out of the hillside and backing up against the bottom of the house, and I can't get that fixed till spring, though they have dug a channel to drain some of it off. Water is the worst. Good vibes coming to you. Can you move the TV etc - I would not leave them in a room where they could get soaked.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
That sounds pretty expensive for a new roof. I'd definitely get another estimate. We had a large 5 level side-split and our new roof cost about $2,500.
It is expensive because the roof is flat. If it was a normal roof it would be much cheaper.
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