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Moved - Now have a very upset cat

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Hi All,
We just moved and I am having odd behavior from one of my cats. We had one cat(male, fixed - Hobbes) living in one apartment and 2 cats(female, fixed - Mama & Wheezy) living in another. We moved all three into a brand new apartment, with their own separate space. (girls in one room, Hobbes in another).

Both the girls know about Hobbes on the other side of door, He meows a lot. Wheezy is happy to go to the door, sniff around and check it out. Mama just lays on the bed and growls. This is total opposite behavior. Mama was always the sweet one in my lap and Wheezy was always a little more skidish.

I have caught Mama hissing a couple times at Wheezy when I was petting Wheezy. These girls have lived together for 4 years and have had no problems. Whats wrong? Should I let Wheezy out with Hobbes and leave Mama to herself in the bedroom for a couple more days?? Thanks, Carla
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There is a new cat in the area and Mama senses this. She's probably the dominant one between her and Wheezy, so Hobbes' scent is a threat to her dominance.

There are many things you can do to help Mama get use to Hobbes' scent. Take a blanket or old shirt and leave it in the same room as Hobbes for a day. Then the next day or two after that, place the uncleaned blanket or shirt in the same room as Mama.

If she's still hissing and angry, then invest in a Feliway wall plug-in. This is harmless to cats and humans, and produces a pheromon (sp?) that while help calm Mama.

If Wheezy seems fine, allow the 2 into a room together and don't leave them alone. See how they do. Then place them back into the separate rooms. Slowly merge everyone together.

Also as a warning it can take up to 6 months before Mama may be back to her docile self. Just a warning.
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I would appear that everyone is reacting to the move. It is quite traumatic for a cat to lose his or her "space". It makes everyone around them the "enemy".

You also do not know what or who was in the apartment before you. They, too may have had animals and the cats could be smelling their scents and wondering where they are. Are they going to come out an bite us????

Perhaps you might want to try the vanilla trick. Get some pure vanilla extract (the real stuff) and put a very little bit under each ones chin and on the base of their tail on their back. That makes everyone smell the same and if there are other scents out there, perhaps you can watch and see where they have the problem.

Please be patient, they will come around. All is not lost. Sooothing headbuts and calming licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Hello adias. angel,
I think you have gotten good advice from Kitten Kia and lunasmom.
Be patient and intruduce smells from both sets of cats to each other. You can rub down the new cat with a hand towel and then rub down the other two with the same towel, going back to the new cat with that towel. The idea is to get them used to each others odors. Keep the cats seperated for a week or two in your new home. Under your supervision try introducing the new one to the other two for a short time. Keep doing that, and they will eventually establish who gets to be the dominent one.
Don't rush them, let them take their time. Your patience will pay off.
Good Luck........Karin
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Thanks everyone, not so worried now. As you can probably tell mama is my baby and I spoil her rotten. I will try those ideas and let you know how hey worked. Carla
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Mama is all confused....new place, another cat somewhere........shes feeling no control and it sounds like she is not happy! I would try letting Mama have run of the place first, even the seperated room, put Hobbs in another for an hour. Maybe the other 2 can meet when Mama gets run of the place, just don't let her know thats whats happening, she may feel punished instead......
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