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Anyone starting their baking for Christmas?

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I am a little behind, I normally only bake on the weekends and I have to get in guear to make my normal baked goodies to give to friends and family. This weekend I am making Tortier (meat pie) I make about 12 at a time and freeze them.
I am also making, Shortbread, gingerbread, cherry jems, peanutbutter balls, beanut brittle, Biscotti, spider cookies, butter tarts, Christmas Pudding....

Cripes I had better get busy!
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Heidi (valanhb) has started! She keeps tempting us with all her cookie baking stories!

I always do my baking a week before Christmas. My sister and I take the Friday off and we bake all day.
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Already??? No way I wait to till the week of Christmas so that everything is nice and fresh This year we're doing lasagna, salad, homemade bread, desserts....things like that
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Well I have tried and tried to get some baking in but I'm not having much success!!!!!!!!!

The only 'baking' I'll be doing this year is making chocolate truffles, which I've never done before. I wanted to do a practice run this past weekend- and I *finally* got everything I needed to give it a shot but we ended up putting a new roof on our 2nd house instead

So.... I didn't get to practice

I have so much to do too! I'm not necessarily baking a lot but I wanted to hand-make all of our Christmas cards we mail out which will take me forever, make my truffles, make whatever dish I'm assigned for X-mas day, get all of my shopping done, and work on our little house every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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My sis will be here for about a week and I figure my parents 4-5 days. Plus I figure DH wants some of "his side" to stop in I menu planned last week. I then made a list of all ingredients to buy after figuring out what I have (thank goodness for learning this way back in High School. Some things I will have my parents bring. We get a hugh gift box of food from DH's work every year and that comes in very handy (its over $100 of food) Plus Bel/Kaukauna's warehouse cheese sale starts next week and the prices are incredible (hmm last minute thing to get for SS??)They made spreadable cheese, cheese balls etc-its cheaper than making them yourself. I bring my big cooler and put in garage and store excess items in the cooler. So anyhow I have the ingredients for Chex Party Mix, M&M cookies and lots of nuts for a couple new recipes. Sis will make and bring some things too. I don't want to start for a couple of week yet though!!
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I have started, I am making goodies for some of our customers. I have tried a couple of new recipes to try to change things up a little bit. I am taking some of the new treats into the office tomorrow to get votes on the new stuff, then I will really start the baking process.
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I make a whole bunch of cookie boxes every year that we give to DH's best customers and several of my colleagues at work. I haven't started my baking yet, but I'd better get going soon! I need some new cookie sheets first, though.
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Originally Posted by Russian Blue View Post
Heidi (valanhb) has started! She keeps tempting us with all her cookie baking stories!
Yup, I've started. I've made 3 kinds so far, need at least 3 more by the end of the week/weekend so I can send out SS package(s). (Between Earl and I, we're in 3 exchanges and everyone gets cookies!)

Then I'll probably slow down until the week or two before Christmas and make up enough to give as gifts to family and friends. I'm freezing some of the cookies I'm doing for SS, too, for closer to Christmas.
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I will be making up cookie dough ahead of time and freezing it, then I can bake them fresh for Christmas. For cakes, I'll make a week before Christmas and freeze them then frost them Christmas eve.
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