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FINALLY Figured Out Why Frances Vomiting...

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I posted a week or so ago because my 3 yo tabby, Frances, had been throwing up for a week. The vet didn't know what was wrong with him. He didn't have a temp and wasn't really dehydrated, and my other cat wasn't sick.

Well, I got the answer to this question a few days ago...he threw up part of a mini blind!!! I had gotten these cloth blinds at IKEA, with a long thin rope cord on the side and a big plastic handle at the bottom. Frances actually chewed through the rope and ate it (and the handle!!!). CRAZY!! Is he a goat or a cat??? Anyway, he finally threw it back up and is completely fine now.

Crazy cat!!
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The vet didn't notice that in an Xray?!
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wow - thats just crazy - well at least you know what was causing the problem they are little monkies - cant leave anything alone
Glad to hear he´s back to normal and no more blinds from Ikea for you then
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I always make sure the ropes are hidden behind the shades or tied in a knot up high where my cat cannot get to them.
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i had to rub orange oil over my cords because NOTHING was going to make abi stop attacking them.
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Four kittens and a rambunctious yearling later, here's my living room window "dressing". (There's no curtains, 'cause they kept ripping the rods right out of the wall! The little devils.)

My sweet Ollie (the white kitten in my sig) got his tail wound tight in a cord a week or so after I rescued him, so I'm extremely diligent about hanging these up every morning. He was nearly hanging by it, and if I hadn't been home and heard him crying at the time, he might have lost the last half.
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OMG. I need to keep a better eye on my six month old kits since they are fascinated everything now.

That's a riot of a picture, and so sweet. I toss my cords up onto the top rail each day and pull them down only when I need to open or close them. Too dang dangly and tempting for them.

Hot pans go into the closed oven. Nothing with soap on it can stay in the sink. Nothing ewey or gooey in the sink. The part siamese is just fascinated with water and they like to drink anything BUT their water in their dishes.

I'm in here posting tonight with a sick kitten who ate something green I just brought in, stupidly. I should have known I can't have plants this winter. Mad at myself....
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