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the Daily Thread Tuesday Nov 28

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Morning all!

Another sunny day here, wish I didn't have to work!

But it is a holiday for my favorite sport!

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Good morning!

The weather is very dull and drizzly here today.

I have a short day of work ahead

Have a great day everyone!
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It's going to be sunny and 12 degress today That is awesome!!

Not much going on here today...I am eating pb and j toast and drinking a coffee....

Still waiting for my SS gift

Have a great day everyone!!
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Morning! About to dig into some homemade brownies from my SS for breakfast. Weather is decent though the arthritic joints are telling me we have a change due soon.
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Its been raining since last night but very warm for this time of year (55F).
So I have to walk on treadmill instead of outside. Have to do some cleaning and put away my fall decorations and start the task of dragging out the christmas ones. Also started to look through my parents photo's -no point in organzing them yet though.
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Morning all,

It is a dark cloudy day here and they are talking about freezing rain (Oh Yay!)

other than that.... working, but what else is new?
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You packed in the morning, I stared out the window and I struggled for something to say. You left in the rain without closing the door. I didn't stand in you way.

It's a beautiful sunny 43 degrees here in Tucson, Arizona, the sunshine and lightning capital of the world.

The cactus wrens are out cussing each other out, the hummers are fighting over the last bit of necter in the feeder (gotta refill that or I will never hear the end of it), Lyssa-Lyssa, Sicorro, Princess and ValerieCat were all here for breakfast and the insiders are settling down with full bellies for their morning siesta.

I have a cup of French Vanilla again today and want very much to absorb everything that goes on today because tomorrow...I HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK, DAMMIT.

Why can't I find someone to give me a $100,000 grant??? That would put me on easy street for the rest of my life!!!!!

Oh well, got yellow roses, got new growth on all kinds of stuff in the yard and I guess the darned job makes this all possible. It's been fun. See you all tomorrow from the salt mine.
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Yay, it's the last week of school! And then I have Exams! Wooooo!!!!

It's dark, rainy, cold, and noisy (A new house is being built two addresses down and the one across the street is getting majorly reno'd). I just hope it snows soon.
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It was a wettish grumbly day today...finished the show stevie needs another 26 points to grand aarrrrggghhh!!!! Otherwise, okay overall!!!

Have a good day everyone!
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It's my day off today so I'm happy. I am trying to convince my boyfriend to go see a concert in London (Ontario) tonight. Probably wont end up going though.
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It's my last day of vacation. I don't wanna go back!
I hate my job!

Otherwise it's been a little rainy today.( Last night it poured and we were out in it.) But we still had the porches opened and the cast were having fun sitting out there. Boy will they be unhappy when we go back to work tomorrow.
Hmmmmm. Anyone know of an excuse to get me a longer vacation???
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Hi all!

Its been a rainy gloomy day here today, but I don't mind

Went to lunch with a friend, and went and mailed off my SS present!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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