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Brand new inappropriate peeing problem

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I have two kittens (10 months old, male and female littermates) that have always used the litter box fastidiously.

All of the sudden in the last few days, the male of them has begun peeing (not spraying) in the wrong places -- usually on a pile of clothes, but once on a plastic garbage bag that was lying on the floor, once in the basement utility sink (5 feet from his litterbox), and this morning ON OUR BED while we were sleeping in it. In at least a few of these cases, he has done the inappropriate peeing right in front of my wife or me.

We often open up the bedroom door early in the morning and let them come into bed with us while we are in the process of waking up -- they usually cuddle for a bit and then start nagging us to wake up and feed them.

The litterbox is not especially messy, and like I said, they've always used it before. His sister is certainly not "guarding" the box -- he is the more dominant one and they have always shared everything peacefully.

From reading this forum, I'm thinking I should take him to the vet for a possible UTI.

But is it possible that he's just doing this for attention and feeding? Sometimes they will "act out" in the morning, playing rough and knocking things over because they know it makes us wake up, which leads to feeding them. Is it likely that this is his "motivation" for peeing in our bed?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would more likely to suspect a urinary tract infection. Perhaps you could ring up your vet and describe the symptoms.....bet he/she will want to see him at least.

Let us know how you make out OK?
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I vote urinary problem/cystals. Get thee to the vet asap. He is seeking your attention to let you know he is having a problem with his pee.
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I agree also about a possible UTI. Also you should have one litterbox per cat plus one extra. So keep that in mind too as they get older.
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Do you have 2 litter boxes? You should always have a box for each kitty. Are they fixed?(did I miss that in the thread?sorry if did.) Males will pee mark territorial boundaries, spraying is more related to scent and mateing or remarking.
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