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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
I'm with you both in spirit Sarah! Post as soon as you can on Monday, ok?
I will...I promise! Our appt. is at is about an hour and a half long, and then an hour's drive home. So by 5:00 my time I should be back and able to give a report.
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Sarah, that's great that Maddie is feeling a bit better! I hope he responds well to the meds that the vets have for him

Many, many }}}VIBES{{{ and coming your way for Monday - I'll be thinking of you
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I'm pleased your little man is a lot better Sarah (((((((mega healthy vibes)))))) heading Maddies way for monday
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Many thoughts and }}}VIBES{{{ heading your way for Maddie's appointment, today, Sarah
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I am thinking of you both.
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Hi Guys!

Vet appt went well yeseterday; his cardiologist said that while his problem has no improved (yet) from the meds, he is not doing any worse....and that is a yay! in my book. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since his last fit...since I eliminated his food, he has done nothing. I am optimistic, but guarded and keeping an eye out. He is so much bouncier and playful and energetic, though...back to his old self. I am so chuffed!

Thanks for all the thoughts...

Sarah and the Boys
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I am so glad to hear that your sweetie is maintaining.
I know that this has been an emotional rollercoaster for you.
You both will remain in my thoughts with lots of healthy, healing vibes on the way.
Thanks for the update.
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Sarah that's great news It's a mystery but at least he's stopped having the fits

Keep us updated still
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That's really good news, Sarah! I'm so pleased to hear that Maddie is back to his playful bouncy self again too - he must be feeling tonnes better in himself!

Continued Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ to get Amad completely back to himself!
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Just to add my best wishes for Maddie - I hope he continues to do better
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That's wonderful news
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I'm so happy that Maddie is doing better.

You said you "eliminated his food". What were you feeding him and what are you feeding him now? It sounds like he might have been allergic to something in his diet since you said he's been fine since "eliminating his food".

Your boys are both gorgeous. Can you post some more pictures of them in the pictures forum?
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Fingers still crossed.
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