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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
I bet it does Were nearly half way through this week already so it won't be long
Thank you, Susan. You are right...hopefully we will get some answers soon
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah View Post
Not a bad idea, Sarah. I am willing to do just about anything at this point! I should have his blood work back tonight or tomorrow...touch wood all is ok...
That's good that they should be able to get his blood work back to you so quickly! I hope that it has the best results you can possibly get! My fingers are firmly crossed for you!

Another thought is to ask the vet for a contact number for the surgery and give them a call today explaining that your referral will be with them soon - that way the ball is already in motion!
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Just sending some more (((hugs))) and positive vibes your way Sarah.

Seizures are always scary and I'm glad your vet has given you a referral to a neurologist. Keeping my that you are able to get some answers and treatment for Maddie.
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I'll keep you and Maddie in my prayers
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You and Amad will be in my prayers Sarah.
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You are all far too kind to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can tell you that my little man is giving me quite an earful over his experience today. He is not a happy bunny! That is a great idea Sarah...when i speak to the vet I will have him give me the neuros number, so that I can ring up in advance.

You all are so wonderful. Keep those vibes and prayers coming!!
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Lots of good vibes headed your way Sarah!!
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I just wanted to add my thoughts and prayers to you as well.
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I just wanted to add my vibes! Hopefully you can get into the neuro dr. soon next week....although any wait will seem like forever. Hang in there Maddie...we're all rooting for you!
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Morning everyone!

I have to say...I think all of your vibes are working!! We haven't had any test results back...but Maddie is so much brighter this morning...and his energy seems up! He was even running around wrestling with his brother - something I have not seen for a long while. Please keep those prayers coming...hopefully when we go to the specialist we can get some answers. I am sure we are not out of the dark...he could "fit" at any moment...but just seeing him more bouncy and playful really has me optimistic this morning.
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Bless his little heart Stay strong Maddie sweetie
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That's excellent that Maddie is more chipper this morning! He knows that we're all thinking of him and cheering him on!

Hopefully you'll get his results back today and be on the way to your appointment with the specialist!
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Adding {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that Maddie keeps improving, and that the tests reveal the cause AND the cure What a wonderful meowmmy he has So much TLC has surely improved his health tremendously, even if he did have to go the vet's
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There really are strong vibes here...
I have experienced them.
More are on the way.
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Thanks everyone

Just a quick update before we head to bed (we are pooped and are tucking in early tonight)
No new knews from the vet They did not have his blood work back yet...so we are still waiting. I am going to ring them again in the morning!!

Hope to keep getting all of your powerful vibes. I will be back tomorrow!!!

Take care everyone
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Oh no, you mean we have to wait until tomorrow?? Rats. Hope you all have a good night tonight Sarah!
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Waiting is so hard...
Powerful vibes are on the way Sarah.
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The waiting is the hardest part!

Super Quick Results }}}VIBES{{{ heading to the vets....

with the continued Health, Healing and Calming }}}VIBES{{{
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Hi Guys!

Sorry I have not given an update...

Maddie's lab results finally came back, and they 100% normal. Great news, but we are not any closer to finding out what is wrong with him. Strangely enough, I have not witnessed an attck since Tuesday. We are getting the referral to the neuro, so hopefully he/she will be able to find out what is ailing my little man.
Thanks to you all for your continued vibes and support.
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Sarah that's fantastic news I wonder if it was a viral infection that he's had then?
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Well Sarah, that's great. But yet it's aggravating when they can't tell you what's wrong huh? Let's pray it was just a quirky thing and it will never happen again!
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Sarah, that's excellent news for you both! Fingers crossed that Maddie is on his way to a full recovery!
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I am also crossing my fingers and hope that she is 100% well soon!
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Of course that is great news but also frustrating....
Maybe it was as Susan suggested....a viral thing that passed.
You and sweet Maddie remain in my thoughts and vibes will continue until you get this resolved.
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I have only just caught up on this, and dont know your kitties, but wanted to say that I will be thinking of him, and fingers crossed they can figure it all out for you.
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Originally Posted by Cyclesarah View Post
Strangely enough, I have not witnessed an attck since Tuesday. We are getting the referral to the neuro, so hopefully he/she will be able to find out what is ailing my little man.
That is very good to hear! If the attacks are getting less frequent something is changing in his system. I wonder if there is a possibility he got into something (ie: toxic) and it's worked itself out of his system?

Still sending many good thoughts your way. It will be very interesting to hear what the neurologist says.
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Please tell us what he says! Sending hugs to your fur angel.
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Hi all...sorry I have been MIA. Bri has an exercise going on with work, and our schedule has been all over the place.
Maddie is doing pretty well. he has had 2 "mini" episodes that I know of. Both were very mild and did not last long. He is seeing his cardiologist on Monday...which I am anxious over to see what the Dr. says. We are getting some meds from the vet to give Maddie for his fits to see if he responds to those, and are waiting for a neuro appt. My little man seems to be a bit better, so I am happy. Please send vibes for our heart appt. on Monday!
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Bless Maddie's precious little heart.
On Monday I will hold your boy close in my thoughts.
I'll be watching for your update.
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I'm with you both in spirit Sarah! Post as soon as you can on Monday, ok?
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