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New owners on the block

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Hi all!!! We just adpoted 2 lil kitten, both 13 weeks old. These are my first cats since chikdhood, my old roommates had cats so I've been around them for quiet a while. When my GF and I got our place, we wanted a kitten. Read that two are better then one so got a pair so they can play all day and sleep all night. At least that was the plan. Our cat's names are Nilo (white) and Tommie (grey). Our nights have been quiet interesting so far, some more restless then others. We only had them for a week now, and trying to learn all we can about owning cats and how to take of them.

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awe welcome to TCS you do learn alot here and you 2 little ones are just adorable , ya whenever I got a new kitten since I had Bella on my sleeping schedule I though it wouldnt be hard to get the kitten on it and she would play all day long and with Bella, now both of them keep me up all night and my Stormie will start to play soon as I turn off the tv in my room and all the lights so her and Bella get the idea to keep me up now, and of course its a pain and Stormie has quit a voice on her that she loves to use when I go to sleep and to wake me up !!! it was good for the first few weeks but now I see me going through alot of advil but your little ones are just toooo cute did you rescue them??
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Are these kittens related? You sure are getting off to a great start! Welcome to TCS.
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Sorta, they were both rescued from an Pet Hotel in AZ that was forced to give up the cats and dogs they took in and was brought to San Diego where the foster parents took care of them, got all their shots, fixed, the works. She is a Vet Tech and had 13 cats when we picked out our two, 2 were hers and the rest were going up for adoption when old enough or waiting for a new home. I have records for both cats and all their health records, which is nice. So in a nutshell, the two have been together for a while before we brought them home. We brought Nilo home first a week ago then Tommie, last night. He had his scheduled operation on Saturday so we was cared for by the foster parents for the week.
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and a warm welcome from Spain and my Kitty-crew

Your new fur-family are real cuties its great here, and as you say theres lots to learn and if you have any questions theres always someone on hand !

Well enjoy the forums and keep posting photos we just love photos here !
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What a couple of cuties!
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Welcome to TCS! You are in for quite an adventure.
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS!

Your two kitties are adorable!

See you in the forums!
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Welcome to TCS Those 2 are such sweeties
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Aww...your babies are beautiful! Welcome to TCS

If you need any help finding your way around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you, Nilo and Tommie to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Thank you for offering these two gorgeous kitties a home - they are certainly lucky kittens.
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Welcome and enjoy your new babies. even the playing at night stuff. I have 12 week old foster kittens right now, so I know yours must be having a ball. Its great that you got 2 kittens. I always feel bad when kittens have to be separated from their littermates, but its so much better if they have a buddy.
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Dear Nilo, Tommy, Jsigone and Girlfriend:

Welcome to TheCatSite and we're pretty sure you'll be able to get lots of good information, help, and friendship here...these forums are the best! I and my 8 mates and our devoted servant are glad you found us and hope you'll visit often and share pictures of Tommy and Nilo as they grow!
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They are gorgeous!
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Hi everyone... I'm Sandy... JSIGONE's GF and new mommy of Nilo & Tommie. Just wanted to drop by to say hello. Right now my two little ones (Who are growing up soo fast) are sleeping. They must of tired each other out while playing.
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Welcome to both of you! I never owned an almost all white cat before until the last two years. Now I've got quite a soft spot for those pink ears. They are adorable and I think it's great you adopted two .
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Welcome to you and your furbabies. They are sooo cute.
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Thank you for the warm welcoming. Both my boyfriend and I just love our two lil ones. I didn't realize how much of a joy they would be around the house. They're like our children. I never had any pets when I was growing up so Nilo & Tommie are actually my first. I just love the two of them.
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Hey Sandy, Nilo, Tommie, and JSIGONE!

Welcome to TheCatSite and hope you enjoy it here as much as we do! Yes, those little ones DO run rings around one another, don't they? Even in our household, where the oldest -- King Nicolas T. Cat I -- is going on 17 and the youngest, Baby Su, is two, we still get crazy! Nicolas has the fastest paw around -- don't let anyone try to call him a "senior cat"!
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