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hissing and clawing, HELP PLEASE

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I dont know where to put this thread I was actually doing school work and both the kitties were on my bed but I made a post sometime yesterday about Bella cleaning Stormie and everything and Stormie running away, now tonight about 10 mins ago Bella starts licking Stormies head and Stormie looks at me and then starts trying to claw Bella but she is upside down because thats how she turned over to get the cleaning stopped, but then Bella cleaned her again and she started hissing at her. Mind you Stormie doesnt like the dogs runs from them, mind you this is actually Bella's room and Bella let her come in here and its good that Bella likes her that is a major plus and Bella shares her toys and her bed and of course her meowmy with her and all of a sudden the scared little kitten that beats up on Bella and everything and is deathly scared of the dogs has made her first hissing noise and it was at Bella. Any advice of why she is hissing at her when she starts to clean her and why not the dogs or anything and what can I do and she is just attacking everything and meowing about everything and I know she takes to cats cause the lady we got her from had 5 and Stormie took to those cats and she likes Bella I hope and everything well as far as I know but all of a sudden we are hissing at her and before we would lay with her and now we dont and its like wow what happened here any advice would be greatly appreciated
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You're going to drive yourself crazy agonizing over everything they do - cats hiss and meow and everything else all the time, but if you're stressed out trying to make sense out of each little noise, they'll pick up on that too. Unless there's a serious fight, just let them work it out. And 'cleaning' is not really cleaning - not like apes 'grooming' each other or anything, but it's showing the one being groomed who's boss (in a nice way) which is normal activity that they may take turns doing eventually. Just hissing a lot is not something to worry about.
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If there is reoccuring behavior that more often leads to drama, diffuse the situation by getting thier attention, talk to them, if needed walk over and seperate them, calmly but nuetral "no you guys, come on"..........Talk, talk, talk, I truely believe in communication with our pets.
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