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Do cats know when they are going to pass on? :(

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Tuesday, April 10th, will forever hold a sad spot in my heart. My 2nd best friend ( my wife being my first ) passed away. His name was "Buddy" and I am still depressed from his passing.

The reason I ask the above question I will explain. Sitting at my desk at home, "Buddy" walks in like he has a thousand times before. He comes up to my chair, and gives his familiar "meow" which means "pet me please". He was a very polite cat. So I begin petting him like usual, with the normal "how you doing" inquiry. Then the saddest event I have ever witnessed unfolded before me. "Buddy" proceeded to lie down and then suddenly went in to convultions.

I paniced, brought him in to the living room, and proceeded to try to literally breathe some life back in to his already limp body. It was no use.

I phoned my wife at work and relayed the story and asked her to come home immediately, which she did. We later consulted a vet about it. He had guessed that "Buddy" had an annurism but without doing an autopsey he couldn't be sure. I didn't like that idea and he was promptly buried.

I guess why I am writing this is because 1) I need to share with as many people as possible that "Buddy" was the best cat ever. and 2) I am pounded by feelings of guilt that I could not prevent my "Buddy"'s death. He was only a year and half old. The vet said there was nothing that I could have done. But somehow I feel he is just trying to make it easier on me.

I even tried to blame it on the fact that I pulled his ear ( he had a fuzz in the earhairs ) but my wife figures that's absurd and that I just feel guilty because I could not prevent his death. She says I should feel joyous that he choose to pass on after telling me that he loved me.

Do cats know when they are gonna pass on? Is that why he came to me? Because he wanted to spend his last moments with me? Did I do anything wrong? Has anyone had a similar experience? What did I do wrong?

I feel so betrayed by life right now! My "Buddy" pulled from my loving caress. I feel so angry/sad/guilty/depressed!

I ask a favor. Those who beleive in a higher-power. Please say a prayer for "Buddy". And those that don't. Please celebrate him anyway you chose. Thank you.

This letter has taken a long time and many tissues to write. Thank you for you time. I know I will come to the realization sometime that I could not prevent, nor did I cause his passing on. It's just so hard at the moment. Again, thank you and keep safe.
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I am sorry you have lost a loved one so early. Sometimes things happen that don't seem right, but theres usually a reason unknown to us.
Animals usually know when it's time. Unless of course if it is an accidental or very sudden thing. I have talked to several people who have lost their loved ones. I have found that some will hang onto their people just to be with them. Others have run off to hide. I dont really know if it is personality related. Cats have been given the title of independant and a reputation for not caring where home is or who their humans are. This is far from the truth, cats I feel have much more of a bond with people than most animals. I am very sad about such a sudden death, but so very happy that he spent his last moments right where he wanted to be. You both were so lucky to have such a loving relationship. He will be in my thoughts!!
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All of my cats who have passed have known it was their time. They all came and said their I love you's and whatnot, and then one went and hid to be alone and the other laid in his favorite chair and passed. (I wish the deer I hit with my car tonite did the same thing insted of jumping into my car... *sigh*) Even Jeffy who died in my families arms knew. He gave that sad look too, and we all felt guilty, but it wasn't our fault, and there is nothing we can do. You didn't do anything wrong, you did everything right, you loved that little guy with all your heart, and that is all he needed to pass. I know your pain, and my thoughts are with you and Buddy up in kitty heaven. I know how nothing can fill that void, but I have always found comfort by adopting another little friend... =) Goodluck!
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The night before my Tyler passed away, he came to me as usual...climbed up on my chest for pets. That was the first time, however that he did not purr when he laid on my chest. I knew something was wrong, but I was not expecting his death the next day. I know he loved me and wanted to comfort me, but he also wanted to let me know something was wrong. There was nothing I could do to prevent his death. He died of feline leukemia. And I am sure that you could not have prevented Buddy's death. Buddy knows that you loved him, and he wanted to comfort you in his last moments. I find that very special. My thoughts are with you and Buddy.
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Kittykratz, I also lost a loved cat becasue of leukemia.

This kind of reminds me of what happened to my Grandma's cat, Sonsi. (I think the name means something in Scottish, but I forgot...) My grandmother had found her one night in 1995; we suspect she was abandoned.

In the middle of January, she had developed this ackward bump on her nose. At first we thought she accidentally bumped it. As the month went on, she stopped playing, and mostly layed down on my grandma's bed all day. Being a very caring cat lover, she brought Sonsi to the vet in late January. They gave her some medicine, and told her to "wait and see what happens."

Things looked fine for a while, and the last time I saw the cat was on Feburary 12th. The bump was gone, and she was hyper. She had to be put to sleep on the 16th, supposedly because that bump was a tumor. I admit, I cried all night because of it. This was unexpected, because I thought she was better. Apparently the bump had reappeared really badly, and Sonsi was laying down more than ever. But she was still affectionate; she was purring all the time.

My grandma told me that at the vet, Sonsi did not give them a hard time as they euthanised her. She layed down on the table, as if she knew what was going to happen. My grandma said she even heard a small purr from her, as she went. I am still extremely saddened over it; it was totally unexpected.


Thoughtfire, I am so sorry about what happened to your Buddy. But you really couldn't of prevented his death. I understand how you feel guilty, I felt guilty about my grandmother's cat too, though I knew it was not my fault. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Buddy.
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My sincere condolences on the loss of your Buddy. I have also heard many stories of animals that know their time is near. People do, too, if you read the literature provided by organizations such as Hospice.

If Buddy had an anurism, as the vet suggested, there is nothing you could have done, either to cause it or prevent it. A woman I worked with literally had one right in front of me a couple of years ago. She died instantly.
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Thank you all for your kind responses. Your shareing has helped me greatly.

It will still be a little while before I can remember "Buddy" without feeling sad that he is gone. And my wife has asked me to consider adopting another friend also. The love I have for "Buddy" will never diminish, nor can it be replaced. But I can still share some of it with another of our feline friends. I think "Buddy" would like that.

I really appreciate your takeing the time to respond. I greive for your losses also. I have acquantinces that would laugh at me for crying over the loss of a cat. That is why they are acquantinces though, not true friends. It is nice to know that there is a place that I can come to when I need to share. *group huggles*

Keep safe everyone. You have brought a smile to my face and I can bet "Buddy" is smileing down upon us right now.
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