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HOA fining over peace-symbol wreath

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I guess Freedom of Speech doesn't apply if you're a part of an HOA. Who do these people think they are that they can tell someone not to hang something as innocuous as a peace symbol? OK, it's not my cup of tea, but I don't see any intrinsic message in it besides...PEACE. Frankly, I don't even care if she did put it up as an Iraq war protest. It's still her right to do so on her property.
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These are the very same people who told me I could not carry one of these signs during the late sixties.
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wow...what happened to peace on earth and good will towards men and all that?

its a wreath..
it means peace..
get over it already...
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I have read some "fascinating" stories about HOAs and the folks who live there. I noticed the article said "3 or 4" people complained - out of 200 homes? It seems that there will be those "3 or 4" who go out of their way to complain about anything while the majoirity doesn't care.

The paragraph about the HOA covenant and Christmas decorations is interesting. It is rather unrestrictive compared to others I have read about that require only white lights and such.
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I think it is ridiculous. You would think the people who's sons and daughters are at war would wish for peace so their kids could come home. i am so glad i don't live in a subdivision and don't have to live by these coventants. They are pretty crazy around here.
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Arizona recently passed legislation, to rein in HOAs. I'm presently house-hunting and refuse to buy in a developement, that has one. Some of these people, who serve on HOA boards need to GET A LIFE!
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The HOA did an about face.


I would never move to any place that has a HOA.

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I heard that on the radio this morning. Guess the national pressure to get a life on the HOA worked.

Colorado did pass a law saying that HOAs & management companies (for apartments) cannot say that people cannot display the American Flag, after some HOAs tried to fine people after 9/11 for flying the Colors. I thought we passed something more broad to reign in the out of control HOAs, but maybe I was wrong.
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