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New kitten and upset cat, help please!

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My cat used to live in a house with her five kittens, another cat, and a few dogs. Being college students, most everyone left the house and I took Jack into my house. She became an extremely different cat, more affectionate and more outgoing. Even though 5 other students live here with me, she is very needy and follows me and my boyfriend throughout the house.

Jack seemed bored, so we decided to get her a playmate. When we brought the kitten home, she made an outburst I was not expecting. She quickly quieted down, but barely allows us to pet her and give her attention. Although she has the entire house to run around in, she usually keeps to my room, a larger bedroom.

I know it will take some time for the two to get adjusted to each other, but I would like to find out if there is anything I can do to make it easier for them. Everything I have read so far has talked about keeping the cats in separate rooms, but I only have one room. There is a spare bedroom upstairs used for storage, but no one is ever in there. I hesitate to put the kitten there, because it is so isolated, but I do not want to stress the cats out more than necessary.

Why does my cat hiss at me and my boyfriend when we try to pet her?
What can we do to reassure her?
How can we ease this transition for both cat and kitten?
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She's put out because you're giving attention to the new cat, which is normal all around, but she'll get over it in time (as you realize) and maybe because it's a large place (lucky you and them) they'll work out a territory thing and everything will be fine - if you just ignore the hissing and swatting and yeowling long enough.
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Not only put out because of your attention towards the kitten, but feeing punished and or afflicted, she probably was completely content being the only kitty! Some cats prefer people over other cats! As well she does not realize you got the kitty to give her company, she feels like it's on top of her, for you possibly because she was'nt enough or did something wrong..................The kitten will be ok with a bit less attention, focus on her, give her encouragement that she is the queen and she can check out the kitty when she wants, a lot of talking to her, reassurance. Time will tell..............she may not take to the situation............but give her the choice, she will give you signs as to when she is ready or not........................
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