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laptop skin

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Hey guys!
Checkout my new laptop skin that I ordered from the states. I was able to personalize it with a photo that I took this summer of a rose that I planted in my first cat's memory (natasha). The rose is purple, very sented with frilly petals and called "angel face". It's beautiful.
I'm really impressed with the skin, and put it on "backwards" so that I'd be able to see it upright when it was closed as opposed to the conventional way of making it so that other people can see it from across the room. I figure when I do things like this, it's for me to admire and I don't really care about what other people see Becides that, except for looking a bit upside down (and you could solve that by using a picture with no up or down but I liked this one better) the people who would look at it could still apreciate the folds of the petals and the colour.
I think I'm going to get them to make me a template to protect my wrist spot next (as per suggestion of one of the fine ladies on this site). Thinking of waterdroplettes on silver, or loose rose petals. What do you think?

Or maybe I should get someone to make me a "siggy" for it....hummm...the many options.
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That is gorgrous!!! What website did your order it from?? I want one for my lap top
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That is so Pretty...I love roses!!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
That is gorgrous!!! What website did your order it from?? I want one for my lap top
They make skins for all kinds of things, and if they don't have what you want/need you can email them and they'll try their best to get it for you. That's what I'm going to do for the wrist rests.
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That is gorgeous!!!
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Wow, thats really pretty!
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That is so beautiful!!! What a lovely picture that you took and it looks great on the laptop, hope the wrist wrest part goes well too! I think water droplets would look very cool!!!
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So cool!!

I didn't even know you could buy laptop skins- what does it feel like? I bought an iPod skin for my brother a few years ago and it was rubbery but kinda cool feeling.

I'm gonna have to check out that site. I think it would be a good Christmas gift for Chad since he's always paranoid about getting his dirty! Plus I'd like one too
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it is made from vinyl, so it does have a bit of a rubbery texture to it. One of the advantages of that of course is it repells water and can be washed if you feel so inclinded. It's glossy, and of course lasts different amount of times based on the item you use (lasts shorter on a cell than on a laptop).
I think it's pretty neat.

Currently I'm thinking of doing my wrist part in white, with a rose icon in the left hand corner and my name in the right-hand place. that way it sort of has a "theme" but isn't too busy. Second choice is the waterdroplettes for sure! I found one that's sort of silvery so it will blend in a little bit with my laptop itself.

I think I need to take a course in applying giant vinyl stickers sure did take a bit and some patience and I still ended up with a couple of bubbles.
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there are of Kittys too????????...that would be great!!..donĀ“t you think????
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Very nice!
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not bad, how flowers are not my thing.
it does look cool and not a bad idea at all .
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