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ooh i love tom cats pookie was my first female and i never thought id adjust to her ways, but nun the less i love her to bits and she has had kittens and they are both boys and we are keeping one (my other half wont let me have both boohoo!) but i love all types of cat but i have always had a real bond with the toms im not sure if thats them or me lol xx
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It all depends on whether I'm looking at pedigrees or domestics...with peds, I seriously look at the color with domestics, whoever comes to me first. But, having said that, I have a serious penchant to red cats!
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Nope!! I didn't meet my girls until the rescue lady bought them to my house.I didn't know what they looked like, I knew they were girls though. She told me they had a hard time finding a home because they were "older" (6 yrs old). I had no preference about age either. And we've been happy together ever since!
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I guess I have a thing for calicoes (Dianna, Annie and Sissy) but Shadow who is black became a resident because his litter that I was fostering was ready to be adopted around Halloween and DH and I just turned to each other and said "He stays, there are too many weirdos at this time of year". Holly was 7 when she came to us a year ago. A friend asked me to care for her until we could find her a home. She stayed because her size scared people. Holly is the gentlest cat I know, I call her my gentle giant.
My first kitty "Boots" picked us on a snowy February morning. DH heard the little meow and opened the front door and this little grey streak ran into the house, down the hallway, and into the water-bed. He found his warm spot. Boots was with us for the next 9 wonderful years. Even going with us in the semi truck. He got to visit 47 states and 2 Canadian provinces with us and loved every minute!
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I haven't picked a cat in a long time, I take in whatever cat needs a home, and I've had a wiiiiiide variety, boys, girls, black, white, gray, calico, orange, you name it I've had it I absolutely love seal point Meezers though, and when I make the switch to non-positives, I would like to adopt a few, I always see them on petfinder and I do have a preference for boys for some reason
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Both our cats picked us. When we adopted Spike, we had originally wanted a boy and a girl, preferably from the same litter. We went home with just Spike instead, and when we went back (to get a girl) we ended up with Oz. Neither J nor I really had a colour preference and we had always planned on adopting moggies, so we really just went with our hearts.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
We've always gotten to 'pick' our kitties - but for some reason I never get the 'kind' that I've always wanted When we 1st got Harley, I wanted an orange kitty, and there was one in the litter, but Harley kinda just.... picked me I couldn't leave him there, I had to bring him home!

Davidson.... well, John wanted a white kitty, and he was pure white at birth, but when he got older, he turned gray - so now we have a gray boy!

It doesn't really matter to me, its really based on their personality.... Davidson was a love bug from birth, and thats what we wanted, so we brought him home. Harley, he was our 1st kitty and I was unsure of what I was getting myself into... he was just the stumbly little runt that stole my heart

Someday, I'll get a big orange tabby, I just adore them!
Tell John to come visit me...there's a pure white kitty at the shelter here!

I will always & forever go for the white kitties---preferably deaf. When I am looking for cats again, they will be white, deaf, & old(7+).
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Pick a cat? What's that? I've never picked a cat...they always pick me!
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Well Ive never really gotten the chance to pick a kitten/cat. I guess the closets I got to picking one was Kitten and it was either her or her brother and I didnt want a boy at the time.
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Out of my lot, I have only gone to a shelter twice to pick cats (and the second I wasn't supposed to hav come back with one!!), the first one they only had one up for adoption, so not much choice, and the second time my friend picked for me (she ended up picking a colour I said I wasn't going to have again!!). I sort of picked Molly, as I had wanted to foster her since i knew about her, but cos she was an oldie and sounded like she really needed a home - took me 8 months to get her!! I do have soft spots for certain colours, but my main thing is age, they have to be in double figures to be permanent cats here!!
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I didn't pick. I normally let the cat pick me. I've found most of them. Puff I adopted. Even then I didn't really "pick him". He was at the pet store and they were about to take him back to the shelter because no one was adopting him. They thought he looked too old and many people didn't want a long haired cat. I was afraid that if he went back to the shelter he would be euthanized so I took him.

I do like long haired cats. I don't know why really. But I like to spend the time grooming them.
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I was seeking a tortie or calico when I got Trout...there weren't any in town for a while at pet stores or shelters..I would call around every day to see if anyone had them...finally someone had this little tortie baby..the only one. And I drove there and scooped her up

NOW, since being a member of TCS, I wouldn't get another cat from a pet store though, and I will be getting an adult next time, same age as Trout..whenever that is...

Oh and I am not proud of this, but we wanted a male because the neuter surgery was cheaper ...BUT we fell in love with Trout and couldn't turn back...BTW don't worry, I would never pick sex based on cost of surgery ever again!!
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Even when we try to pick a cat it doesn't work out... Well I sorta picked Sneakers but mainly just took her in because she needed a home. I love pure or mostly black cats but didn't much care for the "tuxedo" look, although now that I have Sneakers the tuxedo cat I really like it!
I was helping my brother pick a kitten, he wanted a black female Maine Coon but breeders kept only having males, or they were black-and-white not all/mostly black, etc... Finally he ended up picking a black MALE kitten because the female just never worked out... However I think he will be happy with this kitten because he wanted a really big cat and the males are larger.
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We went with personality for the most part. Our first kitty, Chloe, we fell in love with off the bat. The second time we wanted a male, orange tabby and ended up coming home with his white and orange sister. She picked us - what can I say?
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