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do you pick your cats color or sex?

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Just curious when getting another cat do you guys have certain color or sex or typ??

Picking our cats is not always possible because some just show up. But ive always loved calicos torties (Finally have 2 living with me) solid black and orange tabby cats. Sex does not matter but i prefer larger more solid cats

What do u prefer>?
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Not really. I hve my favorite "looks", sure, but I've always adopted the kitties that I click with the most.
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It isn't that I prefer any particular type, but I really want a big orange tabby, however, all of ours have somehow picked us so I didn't get a say
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I don't have a favorite "type" all of my girls look different, and I love them all to pieces. Also, I have no preference over males/females as long as all are spayed/neutered.....it just kinda happened that I was adopted by all girls
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I don't care what they look like but I do prefer them to be male. I love my boys..The only reason I have girl cats is because I thought they were boys and by the time I found out it was too late!
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I LOVE black cats. I am a SUCKER for black cats. So I have two of them, but it wasnt really my choice. I took one as a kitten when her "owner" went out of town and locked her in his bedroom with no food, water or litterbox. He was my boyfriend's roomate and I just broke into the room one day and took her. He never even asked about her since and he knows I took her. She is now 4 years old and my baby!

My other black cat, Da-Ku, was a free kitten at a pet shop when you spent $5 in the store. That was the stupidest deal I have ever heard and so I took him so no other idiots would (besides the fact that the pet shop employees were really pushing him on me). Well he is now 3 years old and the shyest big monster of a cat ever. He is absolutely huge and really likes to be babied. When I left the shop I heard the employee say "sucker!"

So black cats always get my interest. But I would never pick out a cat specifically on color or sex or type. I just take in whatever one's find me or if I adopt it is just the one I click with.
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I didn't choose any of mine it just happened...When I get a new kitty I want a girl
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well willie my mom fell in love with at the animal rescue league and he was a male but fixed midnight just came when my one brother moved back in because midnights owners left him so my brother and his girlfriend at the time took him in and stuff and then bella well she found me lol and stormie we looked for and we found her pic and my mom has a thing for gray kitties and well she was jsut too cute but my mom wanted a female she perfers them because males can sometimes be more territorial lol
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I've never "picked" a kitty. I tend to take in strays or adopt sight unseen.

Chynna was about a year old when I rescued her from the bushes outside a building I lived in. The building was situated on a very busy street that had buses and trucks and lots of traffic going down it day and night. She was abandoned by someone who had moved out of the building. They left her in the stairwell and the security people kept her and looked after her for 2 weeks while trying to find her home but no one claimed her. They couldn't keep her anymore so they put her outside I found her the next morning. After she let me catch her, she hugged my neck and was kissing me on the nose. I didn't have any cat food and someone who saw me with this kitty offered me some dog food, so I went with her to her apartment. As soon as I was handed a dish of dog food, the kitty dived in and was eating it she was so hungry.

I didn't plan on keeping her. I meant to take her to the humane society when I got home from work. But when I got home she was sleeping on my bed looking like a little princess and started to purr and kiss me when I picked her up. I couldn't help but keep her

Abby I adopted from one of my friend's daugher's ex room-mates. I was looking for another kitty to keep Chynna company when I took a job with 12.5 hour shift lengths. I heard that Michelle had a 12 week old kitten that she was needing to find a home for and I said I would take her.

So long as we love each other, it doesn't matter what the kitty looks like or what it's gender is. Though for some reason I've always had female cats, but I hadn't gone out of my way to have only female cats.
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I have a "thing" for Calicos so I guess I choose mine by color and sex both, since Calicos are 99.999999999% female.
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I've never really picked for color or sex, but I've always had a soft spot for runts. All the kittens I picked when I was younger were the smallest of their litter, and even Bella was a tiny thing when I got her, tho she was nine years old at the time!
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We've always gotten to 'pick' our kitties - but for some reason I never get the 'kind' that I've always wanted When we 1st got Harley, I wanted an orange kitty, and there was one in the litter, but Harley kinda just.... picked me I couldn't leave him there, I had to bring him home!

Davidson.... well, John wanted a white kitty, and he was pure white at birth, but when he got older, he turned gray - so now we have a gray boy!

It doesn't really matter to me, its really based on their personality.... Davidson was a love bug from birth, and thats what we wanted, so we brought him home. Harley, he was our 1st kitty and I was unsure of what I was getting myself into... he was just the stumbly little runt that stole my heart

Someday, I'll get a big orange tabby, I just adore them!
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I have never picked my cats by color or sex, and I doubt I ever will. I do have a soft spot for any kitty that needs to be loved, no matter what they may look like.
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It's hard to imagine that BIG BOY Harley as the "stumbly little runt".

Ophelia was stuck in our wall, so we didn't have a choice with her but I do have a soft spot for black and white kittens. So she had my heart from the first time I saw her.

Trent chose us when he saw us. There wasn't a question in HIS mind that he was coming home with us.

Ginger was another fate kitten, like Ophelia and Trent I think. We adopted her going only by Eileen's posts. Flew her from Ohio to Colorado and when she came home was the first time we met her.

Basically, I now have my dream kitties. I love black and white kitties, black kitties, and dilute calicos/tortis. I have them all - and I really didn't choose any of them!
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I love black cats and I love siamese cats specifically seal and chocolate points but I was at the pet store one day and I didn't even plan on getting a kitty and I saw Tavia and I knew that I had to have her and I begged my fiance at the time and he said no and my friend was with us and she layed the money for her on the counter. And that was three years ago and as you can tell she's neither a black cat or a siamese. But I couldn't imagine my life without her I love her so much. But one day I hope to have a black cat and a siamese and I don't really care if its a boy or a girl so long as it is spayed or neutered.
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I've never really chosen any of my cats. I met Shasta when my friend (whose friend had the kittens looking for homes) delivered her. We met Gryphon and Nibs when their human delivered them (rehoming). We met Suzy and Sam when we went to pick them up (having asked that a male and a female be saved for us, we discovered on their first vet visit that "Samuel" need to change "his" name to "Samantha"). We met Cindy and Fawn when we went to pick them up from their foster mother, a friend of Rob's Mum.

Over my life with cats, I have acquired a fondness for torties (Cindy), Siamese (Nibs), tuxies (Samantha), and will always have a soft spot for tabbies (Shasta, Nibs, Suzy). My stepson has always had big orange guys, and they have been delightful, too. (Fawn, being our moggie of unspecified, but possibly partially exotic, lineage, defies categories, but if ever I saw her double, I'd snap her up in a heart beat.)

If it ever comes to choosing, those will be the directions I'll lean, I guess, but it will always be about who needs a home first.
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I didn't get to pick three of the four of my cats. Dh brought Twig as a present for me. Rocket was a healing heart for us when we went to a cat show looking at the cats after we lost Zen(our fire point siamese). The lady put into my arms and that was it, he was mine. He's such a snuggler. The girls kind of came into our lives at the spur of the moment. They both were pregnant and Isis lost her kittens so we took her inside so we could get her spayed and give her a forever home, and Luna just stopped going to her kittens one day so we decided to take her inside also since it was getting very cold. I think her kits didn't make it either. I guess on a sad plus side, even though they were ferals they turned out to be two of the best cats I could ever ask for. It took alot of patience and time let me tell you. But don't believe that older ferals can't be tamed. It just takes alot of time and patience. They were around a year or older when they "came inside" for good.
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i was looking for a gray female but a calico chose me and I lost my heart to her.
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The day i got teufel, i originally wanted a little girl, but after being rejected by the shelter, because i move around too much and didnt seem responsible, my then bf was determined to get me a kitty on that day! He felt so bad for me because i was so heart broken, i was crying at the shelter not because i didnt have a kitty but because all these cats came up to me on the window pawing and meowing at me and because this lady brought in a cat to say goodbye.

So he made a huge effort called every single advertisement in the newspaper and when the last one was it, i said i dont care if its male lets go and see it! We drove over 60 km to get there, ben sped at 200km an hr with our Ford Galaxy

When i got there, i saw the ladys daughter holding a small bundle of black fur with stunning green eyes, i told ben from the gate that he is definetely what i had been looking for!

I cuddled teufel gave him a kiss, let him say goodbye to his meowmy and he came home with me!

I also didnt choose kaylee, Bens mother gave her to me on my 19th birthday and thats the best present i ever got in my life! She is the most talkitive and beautiful cat ive ever had, i really wouldnt know what to do with out her in my life

I know that if i ever got another cat, it would be because it was meant to be sent my way.
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Well they chose me and I'm not sure whether I was what they were looking for or not.

When I got Jaffa and Magpie I went to the shelter with a vague idea that I'd like 2 black and whites or 2 tabbies, and I wanted 1 boy and 1 girl. I ended up with 2 boys - one ginger and one black and white. And wouldn't have changed them for the world. When Magpie died and it was time to choose another cat I wanted a male but wasn't too particular about the colour - and ended up with another red boy.
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I have never really picked my cats....they just kind of showed up. LOL But I think if I could ever pick a cat I would like a ragdoll (think the ones I like are called cream point) with blue eyes or a light color bengal. Doesn't really matter to me if they are males or females.

But the babies I have now are pretty and I probably would have chosed them anyways. I love black cats and I have 3 black and white tuxedos with white paws so I got lucky there. I have 2 tabbies...one brown and one light brown color...he has pretty spots on his belly. And I have always loved calicos and I have a pretty light colored calico female.
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Not at first. I went to the local shelter determined to find a black and white kitty, and got one (lol) but really after that they just came in any size and shape. I've never had a male cat, though, just by chance, and I'd really like a grey-and-white kitty one day, and also a big ginger tom. But it doesn't really matter, they're all awesome!

My mum, however, has always had torties. Always. Always will!
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I didn't get to pick 8-Bit's color or sex. I said, "Give me a spunky one."

I have a soft spot for black cats, so when I came across Scratch I knew I had to have him. He just happened to be a boy.
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Completely didn't mean to, it just so happened that we wanted both of our kittens to be girls, and out of the two ginger and two black kittens, both of the black kittens were female.

I have a completely soft and gushy spot for tuxedo cats though.
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It has never been a looks thing for me it has been more a personality thing. I could not have picked 2 such oposite cats when it comes to color. But personality wise they are very similar in most respects except one is an extrovert and one an introvert.
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I always picked the cat who looks the saddest and cutest. When I went to adopt my first cat (a 12 week old grey one), the pet store said I had to go to the humane society to do it. The first thing I saw when I walked in the door was the two smallest cats I have ever seen. Me and my boyfriend fell in love with the little orange tabby and decided to adopt him instead. We would have gotten both, but we didn't have room at the time.

When I got Zebra I was looking for a female. I was at petcetera and I saw a bunch of kitties and they all looked the exact same, except one. She had orange spots on her grey, black and white fur and it was adorable and I knew then that I had to adopt her. I had never seen a silver tabby with orange spots before. She just happened to be female.
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I'd always had older cats and I had thought to myself that if I got a younger cat he would be with me for a long time. We had Tucson (RB) for eight happy years and I loved him very, very much and it seemed so hard to live without a cat. So when I saw Quill at the shelter I couldn't stop thinking about him, he just looked so sweet and forlorn. It was basically a spur of the moment adoption too, I never thought that he would actually be coming home with us. Next thing I know I'm signing the papers and that's that, I was signing my soul to Quill. He's worked out marvelously, I really couldn't ask for a sweeter boy.
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Well I picked Phenom kinda. She was so cute and playful in her cage at Petsmart with the humane society. Lee had agreed to letting me get one so I brought him to see her and signed the papers. Phantom was brought to us. I loved her description so she was mine!
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I don't have a preference for color,sex, or type but like so many others on here I would love to have an orange tabby
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I have a soft spot for cow cats, or any black, white, or black & white kitty. But I didn't go out looking for a particular colour.

I do prefer males though, out of all the pets I've ever had I've always felt a stronger bond with the males.

Having said that, I don't know what sex my parrot is, but he seems like a boy, it would be a real shock to me if 'he' laid an egg! The only other way I could tell is by a DNA test, and since I don't breed that just seems like a lot of stress to put him through for no real good reason.
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