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im still doing it. dr graham is taking care of the kittens and quilt. so i can work. i just did an emergancy surgery so i just got the chance to check on her.
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Well, honey, I just wish the very, very best for your and your babies and Quilt.

Soooothing headbuts and grow big quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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Well, how are our babies today??? I hope they've gained some weight. We'll make heavyweights out of them yet....huh!!!
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the kittens have gained waight and the vet said one of the cats just had kittens and all of them had died and she still has milk so we put the kittens in her box and she perked right up and fed them. quilt is happy but she came down with a cat type flu that should be gone by next week. so i am a work taking care of new born abandon pups thier owner just dumped them in the trash. it made me soo mad. and we found owners for all the kittens and i am keeping lilly the runt.
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Boy sweetie, you sure are busy. Bless your heart for all the good work you are doing for those poor animals.
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Thaks its what io love doing
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Originally Posted by catbabe12 View Post
quilt is doing fine but one of the kittens has a enlarged paw and will have to under go surgery at 3 weeks old
I had a kitten that had that problem with her hind paws because she got stuck in the birth canal for a while (she was the first kitten). The vet said that he would rather wait until she grew up to see if the surgery is necessary because we'd know after about five weeks if the paws would wall off and die (needing surgery) or if circulation would return. It took nearly two months, but her paws completely healed, and I was honestly shocked, because it was pretty bad! How bad is your little kitten?
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Actually, I'm guessing the kitten already had her surgery... how did it go? How are you holding up? If you're anything like me, you'd be loving every bit of it. Worried sick, but loving it.
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she hasent had surgery yet she will have it at 3 weeks
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