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acting really weird

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Ok I got my Bella sometime in July as a stray well she has been doing fine and great with the kitten for most of the part except when she randomly goes up to her and just claws her in the head I dont know if that is play or not lol but ok now she is eating stormies kitten food and she is laying on the bed I bought her in July that she hated and now she goes and lays on it alll the time, and the kitten all she does is MEOW ecspecially when its time for bedtime and she makes sure she wakes me up bright and early lol it is not fun at all!!! I took alot of advil today lol but last night Bella was really low on the ground creeping around and she got spooked really easy and she wasnt looking for Stormie because Stormie walked past her a few times and well Bella is a little heavy well her belly just gets bigger and she eats alot I leave dry food out for them and now she is eating 1 can of wet food and a half because she and Stormie share one all of a sudden (it was Stormies) and today we had her walking out and she was in the bathroom they love to hang there and she just squated and peeed on a towel. And we have this junk room and we have to tie the door close because the doors is broke I went upstairs and we were in there, I dont let her in the basement any more but her back paw seems to be a little red or pink her belly is really pink lol and well I just dont know why she is acting so weird and like I said in another thread she was cleaning Stormie yesterday !!!! This is all just too weird for bella any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!
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It sounds as though Bella may be sick. She may well have a urinary tract infection if she is peeing outside the litter box. I would suggest you take her to a vet to have her checked for a UTI.
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Yes it sounds like there is at the least an allergy causing the skin irritation. This is enough to make anyone extremely uncomfortable already! You mentioned she never used her bed untill recently, could that be causing the irritation? Try to think of anything else different in her actions, skin irritation, allergies, can cause a lot of discomfort. You should take her to the vet to assure thats all it is! Local inflammation and redness could be symptoms of many other internal, infectious, problems.
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