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Ok-guys! Help me please!!

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I still dont have a name for my 2 newest additions!! I wish I had pics, but I dont...sorry. The kitten is pure white with long hair, and then the other one is a white and gray tabby. And they are both males.........
What in the world do I name them?? I am so bad at names.
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Nevada means Snow in Spanish, so I sugest Vegas and Nevada. Finian means white in Irish Gaelic so Maybe Gavin and Finian.
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i had an all white long hair kitty and she was just soo cute and we rescued her and her name was heather but i ended up changing it to precious lol because she was just to precious lol
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I had a long haired white foster cat named Caspar. He was a sweety.
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Hmm I don't know sorry (horrible with names LOL). I like Finian. Maybe something to do with winter or the holidays for the white kitty.
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Fergus and Argyle
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Some Italian names ....

Alfonso ... noble and ready
Amando ..... lovable
Angelo .... angel messenger
Cesare/Caesar...... hairy
Cosmo ..... beauty
Dario ..... wealthy
Enrico ..... home ruler
Fabio ...... bean
Faustino ....lucky
Fedrico .... peaceful ruler
Fonzie derived from Alfonso .... noble and ready
Franco ..... free
Gianni..... God is gracious
Leonardo ....lion/strong
Rocco ....... rest
Savio .... clever
Tonio ..... invaluable
Valentino.... strong/healthy
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Lex & Linus
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I've always wanted to get two boys and call them Jake and Elwood.
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Well I have decided on Toby for the tabby, and poor little whit boy is still nameless. My son wants to call him Snowbell, or tinkerbell. I think snowbell is cute.
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How about Sultan and Jasper!
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Is there something about the white one's personality and behavior that would fit?
They sound really cute. Need pics!!!
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