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Making Your Fish Aquariums Cat-Safe

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I now have 8 betta fish. Before I get an antihistamine prescribed, I want to make sure my aquariums are cat-safe. I know bettas are not feeder fish (like comet goldfish, which I used to have), so will they eat them? I have a cover (which was included with the tank) on one tank, and the other tank has a plexi-glass cover that I made myself.

They are both 10 gallons. I don't want to let the cat outside since they will probably get out of my backyard and be eaten by a coyote (I live in Arizona and we have lots of them here), so that's not an option.

As for comet goldfish, I can confirm that cats do eat those, since I buried a dead one in my backyard, and I came back a few days later and the hole was dug up and the fish was gone. (Since the body of that fish was already decomposing, I can only assume that the cat died of poisoning.)

Is there any way to prevent cats from wanting to eat my fish? Should a good meal prevent a cat from being hungry enough to eat fish? (Although I do assume the hard time he would have getting the fish, especially since bettas are so small, and cats hate water.)
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I have 7 kitties and a 72 gallon fish tank-I have a cover for my tank but honestly mine have never wanted to eat any of the fish-just play with them through the glass. Melosy loves to lay on the top and sleep, mostly becasue I think the warmth of the light keeps her happy. As long as your tanks are covered I would think you should be fine! Uno had a mishap when he was only months old, my husband was feeding the fish and he got too excited and jumped and landed in the tank, completly submerged himself and then ran away-he has yet to go near the tank again! Good luck and I hope a kitty will make a great addition to your home!
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I had a turtle and put a mesh cover over it so Abi couldn't get to him. It would have been worse for abi if she had tried because once a turtle clamps down on something they can't let go. once she figured he was unreachable she lost interest. but she LOVED the goldfish tank I took to school, as you can see from my avatar. the only thing that stopped her was her dislike for water.
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I used to have a 40 gallon tank with Molly, and she never cared. If I still had it with Abby, she would be trying to go fishing!

I'm going to move this to Cats and Other Animals for you.
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That's good. My friend has an allergist she goes to, so I'll ask her which one she goes to and I'll check if it's covered by my insurance. Even if it's not, I'll get a skin test done.
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Full skin tests are very pricy if your insurance does not cover it. I had them done a few months ago, thankfully insurance did cover it, but I think it was around $500.
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Well, I am the lazy type as I have a plazma 42 inch tv set that looks just like an acquarium when it is turned on and a fish screensaver played. The way my cat sits and stares at it, I think I got at least HIM fooled.
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Since I have 25 male bettas, all I do is put lids on their bowls. Quill is quite fascinated by them but he won't touch them. He likes looking at the female tank, but again, he won't touch them unless he asks.
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I'll be breeding my half-moon pair soon. Those cups will have lids. That's good that it will work out correctly.
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we have a 10-gallon with neons & cory cats, and a 2.5 gallon with white clouds. i just have sturdy hoods on both. my 10-gallon hood holds a 17 lb cat with no problem.

back when i had bettas, it was more troublesome. i had to have solid lids and keep the bettas out of reach. they almost knocked a couple down/out of their betta container.
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i used to burry my dead fish and spay them with bitter spay and the cat would not eat them
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As far as burying fish goes, I'm going to buy bricks, and build a brick coffin to bury any other dead fish. The only animal that could possibly pick up bricks is a gorilla, and obviously, we don't have those around our neighborhood.
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KEEP LIDS ON My Zoey almost killed my female plakat betta by sliding the not so locked lid off and scooping up Melody .. luckily I walked in with in an hour and she is a lybrinth fish
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I have 3 10 gallon tanks now. One has a good, "locked" lid on it, another has a cheap lid made up of 3 plexi-glass sheets, and another has no lid at all. Obviously, I will need to get real lids before I get a cat.
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We have a 25 Gallon Fish tank and although Pippin often scratches at the tank or stalkes and jumps up at the glass, he's never jumped up ontop of the tank to try get into it - he wouldn't be sucessful though anyway, it's got a wooden lid!

The fish used to be easily scared by him scratching but now they look in the general direction of where he is and turn tail on him!
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I've had an aquarium about as long as I've had cats. Jasmine used to like to go fishing when it was in a place where she could get up high enough next to it. I used to like to think that the fish would taunt her by staying just low enough that she couldn't reach them. She just dipped her paw in just above the pads. George and Sonny have never seemed to mind. They'd watch the aquarium at times, but never bothered with it too much. Salt & Pepper, now, they're trouble. They will get on top of the aquarium and try and reach in. The aquarium itself has a cover, but there was a portion at the back that was not covered -- where the filter and stuff hangs. I had to go searching for the replacement plastic that snaps in to cover that area to discourage them. I think they're more interested though, in the live plants that sometimes grow all the way to the top of the tank, or float up to the top if I don't anchor them properly, and we all know what happens when cats chew on plants. Yuk.
Since I got the additional plastic to cover most of the tank, things have been pretty good. I still catch them sitting on top of the hood, but they can't do anything to the fish, so I don't worry about it.
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