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In October 1995 I made a reservation to take 3 stray cats to a newly formed TNR clinic. I got the first one, which is a story all to itself, but the second, a calico, was having nothing to do with going near a trap. She probably saw her buddy get caught and decided the heck with that. The next afternoon I saw her sleeping in the flower bed between our house and the neighbor's. I snuck out the back door, grabbed a milkcrate and started to sneak in that direction. I timed every step with passing traffic...it took forever, but it worked. I got really close and she was still snoozing. Held my breath and then slammed the crate down over the top of her. She was flying around in there, claws poking out the holes trying to get me. I wish I had a video. Since I hadn't thought past catching her, I had to crawl across the yard dragging this crate across the grass with a cat going nuts inside it. I got to some rocks, which I piled on top, ran and got a board to slip underneath, carried the whole thing into the garage where I butted it against a kennel and dumped her in. Hello Spot.

Maybe she never forgave me for that initial introduction. Eleven years later I could still rarely get near her even though she lived inside the cat house with half a dozen buddies who think I'm great. She had dental issues a few years ago and I had to have most of her teeth pulled. I could count on my fingers a few times I was able to stroke her back, which she seemed to love once you got started. But the slightest sudden move and she'd run.

Ten days ago I noticed she was having trouble jumping up the rungs of the cat tree so I caught her and took her in. I was so relieved the diagnosis came back hyperthyroid. At least it was something I could treat although catching her twice a day was going to be a challenge. I was thinking I may need to get a net or something, but after only a few days of medication she just kind of gave up and ran to the same place every time. I knew it would take a couple days to see results so initially I wasn't too discouraged. But after five days her condition continued to worsen so I took her back in. We took her off the medication and focused on getting her to eat, which is what I spent the weekend doing. But her condition deteriorated and today the vet felt we were dealing with additional problems, liver and maybe heart. We ended her suffering, which I wish now I'd have done days ago.

I feel bad that she could never get past her fear of people. I believe I gave her a longer life, but I'm not sure that's always better. Anyway, she's free now. I'll miss you Spottie.

I have a favorite picture I'll post when I track it down.
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Oh honey, in spite of her protests, way down deep, she KNEW you loved her. Heartbroken headbuts and sorry, tearful licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I agree with KittenKiya. I believe animals, especially cats, have a way of knowing a persons true intentions. I'm positive that even though it was always a struggle, she knew you were really just trying to help.
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Bless little Spottie, she will hear your special words
& thoughts and she will know how much she was loved and cared for
RIP little one, run and play with your new fur-family over the Bridge
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Oh, I'm so sorry for your sad loss - please know that you have done wonderful things for her, as much as for the cats that got to learn to relax more.

Rest in peace and play Spot.
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RIP dear Spot. You gave your mommy a hard time but we know that you loved her so much.

You did the most loving act of kindness for Spot.
Your Spot and my Sebastian will play together over the rainbow.
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Run and play happily at the bridge Spot, you were loved so much

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I'm so very sorry for your loss. I have to agree that although she didn't show it, she did love you, and appreciated the home you gave her.

RIP Spot
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I'm so very sorry about Spot, but as the others have said, she knew you loved her. You gave her a much better life than she could have had otherwise, and at the end, you gave her the most self-less gift you could.
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I am so sorry to hear about Spot. I am in awe of the selfless love you gave her and it will stay with her as she runs and plays at the Rainbow Bridge.

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