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Nothing to watch on Tv

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Is anyone else looking forward to some new episodes of our favorite shows. Sure American Idol and Big Brother are great shows but what are we suppose do to the rest of the time when a show comes on and I've already see it? Just a few more weeks and our favorite shows will return. Sorry just had to vent....
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I agree! can't wait till some of my favorite shows come back on..like Friends, and Survivor!!!
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I am counting down until September 29 and the premier of Alias - that has to be my fav show. I also want Enterprise to start again. Doesn't it seem that season premiers are starting latter and latter. The 2 new shows I want to check out are John Doe and Firefly.

Can't forget my reality TV with Amazing Race and Survivor.
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I'm so glad Survivor is coming back on soon! Thank goodness there was The Mole and BB3 to keep me occupied.

I'd like to check out the new show Presidio Med thats premiering soon as well.
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I'm waiting for Sept. 24: Niles' and Daphne's wedding, on "Frasier". I've, even bought blank tapes, in case I have to work that night.
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You gotta watch: The Shield
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3 words: Sopranos, Sept. 15th!
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You are so right Lhezza! I love the Shield.
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Melissa...I thought Presidio Med looked good too!!

And Cindy..I am also a huge Frasier fan!! I should be able to remember that date! Sept. 24 is our anniversary!
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All I ever watch is Star Trek, and that's on at almost all hours of the day...
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