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amount of indoor ONLY cats & size of your place?

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I am just trying to get a general idea for the next house I buy.

For those of you with multiple cats that are indoor only what size of house do you live in in regards to SQ Feet???

I Just wanna get a general idea of how many cats i could have and still live comfortablly would hate to be over crowded

Also are all ur cats given free range?
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I have 4 cats (most I've had was 6) and my home is only about 1500 sq feet, 2 floors. We do have a full basement though that the cats pretty much have taken over. I don't really have anything down there at all and the cats have their own room down there for all their litter boxes and some climbing toys, sleeping areas with blankets, etc so they at least get to spread themselves out amongst 3 floors comfortably. Problem is - no matter how much space you have - inevitabely they will ALL be sleeping on YOUR bed at night.
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I have 3 in our two level, 1036 square foot townhome. They seem to have plenty of room to run around and exercize (more than in the apartment!), and we have litterboxes throughout the space. There is only a couple of closets and of course the attic and crawl space (not counted in the SF) that they are not allowed into. Which of course means that those are the only places that they try to be.
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Oh jeezzz....don't start with the square feet, please??????

I have a 14' x 52' trailer with two bedrooms, 1 and 1/2 bath, kitchen and living room combined and 4 inside only cats.
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Hmmm....I've got a 2 level, big house. Not sure sq ft. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, great room(kitchen/living room combined), office, & family room. Damita, Dory, & Ophelia are downstairs while Twitch & Lily are upstairs! Honestly, I could easily accomodate 10+ cats here.
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We've got a 1,500 sq. ft. house and 3 kitties. They seem pretty content here. But Meowmy and Daddy wouldn't mind a bigger house
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Five cats and 1300' ... everything open all the time for them (except closets) and one bad boy who fights has a BR all his own. As has been stated, once the human settles down, cats gather round, especially in the winter. In my case, it's a trick with four of them settling on and around me without annoying hissy missy who starts slapping if *anyone* touches her. And she gets right up next to my head!
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I have a 1 bedroom apartment that is about 580 square feet and have 2 indoor cats
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Our home is 2600 square feet. 4 of my kitties are indoors 24/7 and one is a part timer.
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750 square feet (it's smaller than that they lied and I know it!) and two cats. In 3 months it will be 880 square feet with three cats!
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I have a 2 story, 3 bedroom home...not sure of sq footage though. There is 6 cats(one of them is indoor only) and they have free roam of the house. But they generally spend most of their time in my daughters room, or lying on the kitchen chairs or on top of cabinets. Lilly is famous for sleeping upstairs in the bathroom(which is currently not being used)
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Not sure of square feet but the property is 50 by 130, I think the house might be 40 by 50? but it is an apartment and I live on the first floor. Plenty of room for three indoor males, with 2 bedrooms (one is a computer room with the door closed unless I am in it.) bath, living room, big dining room, big kitchen and the big plus is an enclosed porch consisting of all windows situated under a norway spruce. They love it in three seasons, in the winter it is a little chilly brrrr. Also have an unfinished basement with the door ajar for mice patrol. Prior to this I had a small two bedroom with two cats, they adjusted well, and when I moved here, they thought they died and went to heaven, which they eventually did. The new brood started here.
Two can fit anywhere, a house? three or more easy.
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I live in a 1 bedroom apartment that is 950 square feet. I have 2 cats.
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I live in a 1230 SF double wide with 3 indoor only and one indoor/outdoor cats as permanent residents, but there are usually several foster kittens. Currently 5 plus 2 that I am cat sitting for my granddaughter. So right now we are a little crowded out by litter boxes. But when it is just the four there is plenty of room. They all have free run of the whole house.
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1750 sq. ft.....and we have 7 indoor cats. The cats have free-range except at night when they aren't allowed in the baby's room or my daughters room. They aren't allowed in the computer room either ever because of the taxidermy on the walls, we used to allow them in until we caught them on the deer heads on the wall.

Winter Hawk
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I have a tiny little two bedroom duplex and 4 indoor only kitties. It works out quite nicely actually. Even though it's a small place, we all have enough room and aren't over crowded- I also have a wolf mix and a rabbit who are both indoors only as well. All of my girls are indoors only and all of them (rabbit included) are spayed We do quite nicely for such a small space- there is enough room for 3 litter pans, cleverly tucked away, and even though it's tiny, we organize well and are creative as far as storage goes / At Colin's- he owns a 3 bedroom house- it's pretty large in comparison to my duplex- so i usually keep my foster kittens at his place. At the moment, I have 5 of my foster kittens at his home with our dog Fosters. That also works out quite well
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5 indoor cats in a ~1200 sq.ft. house here They have plenty of room!
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i have a 3 floor 1400sq.ft. condo with two cats - could have one more but the condo docs say two is the limit!
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I have one cat in a 12'x60' trailor and I also have two dogs plus my sister's boxer stays with us and she's not spayed and we have enough room. But next year we will build our house and the boxer is supposed to go home. And maybe just maybe I can talk my dad into another cat but I seriously doubt it.
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I have a 2 story 2400 sq ft with 8 indoors there's plenty of space for everyone and they are free to go wherever they want Like I could stop them and everyone gets along beautifully, a few little swats here and there but nothing big. Plus the Basset Hound Zoie sometimes I'm sure she feels like she is walking around in a land mine But she's very good with them and I wouldn't have a dog that didn't get along with the cats.
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I'm not relly sure about the sf, but I live in an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a big living room/dining room, a computer room and of course kitchen & bathroom. The cats have plenty of space. I'd just love a balcony.
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6 cats, 2 bedroom townhouse.
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One bedroom apartment, 800 sq feet. I have two cats and believe I have room for one more. It is a real open floor plan and each cat has staked out his or her place to be alone. I think there probably is only room for one more cat to find a place like that.
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I was in a one bed 600sf apt w/ my 2 cats then I upgraded to a 2bed townhome thats 2 floors and around 800sf but I added a fiance. LOL
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I have 2-bedroom triplex (not sure about sq. footage) and three indoor cats. Since I have a decent-sized fenced yard, I was also able to keep my two dogs.

I'm presently house-hunting and it looks as though I will probably move into a 3-bedroom/2-bath manufactured home. Then, I may get more cats. In the past, my max has been 6.
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I have 1100 square feet plus a basement and 2 cats. It's definitely more than enough room, since Ivo can put a floor between her and Gypsy when Gypsy is frisky.
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About 2000 sq ft and two cats!
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This house is over 3,600 square feet (not sure the exact number, it just says over 3,600). We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. It could hold lots more, but 3 cats and 2 dogs is enough for us.
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I have a 14x70 trailer and I have, uh, 13 cats I'm never alone everyone gets along fairly well and my second BR is dedicated solely to litterboxes
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I have 1 cat for every 141 and 2/3 square feet. So that's 3 cats and about 425 square feet. They said 450-475, but it's actually 425, I figured it out.

We do just fine, and we're moving into an 1800 sq foot duplex in less than a year.
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